Esks @ Cats

Well, not looking like Edmonton is gonna avenge that embarrassing loss eaier in the season.

10-0 Ham. Come on, Reilly. Time to move the ball.

Bowman putting in work!

Penalty? Doesn't matter. Walker bullies himself into the end zone. 10-6. Missed convert.

Gable eludes the entire Edmonton defence. Seen that before.

Thank God the Oilers play at 10. I can wipe this game from memory.

Ham shanks a 28-yarder. 11-6.

Esks two and out. Ya got Reilly, Bowman, and Walker, and we keep getting two and outs.

Esks with the fumble recovery and good field position.

Esks FG. 11-9. Waa hoping we could punch it in. Still, points.

Come on... We need this game and we need Winnipeg to kick some butt.

Looks like a Rod Black-Free weekend - as the discombobulated man has been seconded by TSN figure-skating coverage. Thank cripes for figure-skatin' if it takes Black off the program.

Battle of the hotheads tonite - Shovelface vs. The Dumbo! :cowboy:

Wonder which game Gord Miller gets Saturday? And with Forde working as Cuthbert's side-boy - I suspect Dunigan gets a color shot tomorrow!

Esks get the stop. Fantuz down. Possible knee injury.

Fantuz limps off. Good sign.

Another stalled drive. Esks FG. 12-11 Esks.

Can the Cats get through a single game without injury after injury ?

Again, most of their injuries happen at THF. WTF is up with that ?

I love when they talk about the offence. The offence isn’t the issue (as we just fumble). It’s the defence. Can this Esks D win three playoff games? I don’t think so.

I forgot to mention

CATS :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

ESKS :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

GO Cats Go.

The East needs to start earning some respect.

Not just for the East , but for the benefit of the league.

Esks open with a FG. Gonna come down to the kickers, I think.

Forgot. Score is now 15-11.