Should be an interesting game at IGF tonight.

Offensively, Esks have been productive in the 2 games they've played, putting up more points for than we have in 3. It'll be a tough test for our young secondary. Both QBs are averaging over 300 yards passing/game.

On the flip side though, they've given up almost as many points in 2 games as we have in 3. Esks have a good front 4 but that hasn't stopped the Redblacks and Riders from torching their secondary . Hopefully Willy takes some shots and connects on some deep balls today finally as the Esks are susceptible, and a good mix of Harris in the offense will help the cause. If our D can come up with an effort like they did in the Hammer, it may be enough to finally put to rest that Esks win streak against the BnG.

As long as our D shows up we should be able to keep it close. I think it will be a 3 point game , either way .

How has Watson not gotten hurt yet? If he was in Bomber colours he would've been on the 6 game after the first half.

Reilly has been really good for the most part of getting the ball out just before any of our pass rush can get to him.

How did Harris get lost in the offensive gameplan after we got the lead and once Edmonton started coming back on the scoreboard? Should've been using him more at that point IMO.

I think the difference was that their O was better than ours. All other facets were pretty equal. Our D was brilliant....... Cut down on penalties and stop using Medlock as our points guy. Punch in some TDs... I don't mind losing a game like this where our guys really tried.

Willy is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, no, wait, he's just a very average qb.

You may be right. But you know, watching Willy the last 3 weeks late in the game, there's something missing. He used to show more energy, enthusiasm, moxy.... something. This year he just seems so, I don't know what the right word is... apathetic? Is this him just trying to be calm and in control or have all the hits and injuries over the last couple of seasons just derailed him?

Something needs to change. Drew Willy suffered a narrow loss, ended up 1 yard shy of 300 yards passing today, is averaging over 300 yards/game on the season, and yet he seems to be the main thing holding back the offense. Seems really unusual to say, but with what he's been able to do he's make some errors that are leaving yards and points on the field. He's had games where he's been worse statistically but we've been more pleased with him. He probably gets half the season as starter before the coaches even consider replacing him. Hopefully he rediscovers that little something that seems to be missing.

Willy needs to get out of the pocket a lot more and extend plays with his legs, like Reilly. Our D was okay , it ben...t and was aided by some timely penalties . They need to play much closer man coverage. Reilly had receivers open all night . Some of that had to do with a pass rush that was non existent for the first three quarters. Bo Levi up next, we better have things figured out or things will get ugly next week.

Reilly did take advantage of a bunch of inexperience on our D though. CJ Roberts was victimized a couple of times. Esks made some good plays as well, Bowman's catch in double coverage for instance- unless the DB in front of him turns around a touch quicker and gets a hand on the ball, there's not much more they can do there without taking a penalty. We got lucky on Cooehorn's drop in the endzone there, thought we were going to have another National burn us for a TD with a heck of a catch like Charbonneau did in Calgary. On the plus side, Johnny Adams was moved to the active roster even though he was a game day inactive. It would suggest he's about ready to get back into the lineup. Posey looks like he's coming along, but it'll be nice to have a corner like Adams back. They did a nice job on White all night and didn't let him torch them like he did the Riders.

BS illegal contact call on Westerman when he contacted white with the Esks pinned deep in their zone there. White wasn't a receiver at that point as he tried to throw a shoulder to chip block Westerman. Couple of really awful calls all night from the refs, phantom holding calls both ways. We didn't lose because of them, but all this replay was supposed to make them better and it hasn't delivered.

Agree, dropping Willy straight back so often makes it easier on the D to chase him down. I think they only rolled him out intentionally a couple times all game. Still, the Esks' edge rushers did a good job collapsing the pocket which would've made it hard for Willy to get out.

Our pass rush always seemed a split second slow to get to Reilly pretty much all night long. Some of that was Reilly just getting out the ball in time, but the Esks tackles deserve some credit. They seemed to be pushing our edge rushers out pretty easily, forcing them to try loop around and come back to Reilly. Then when we'd try blitz up the middle they'd bottleneck things up nicely for Reilly. That makes 3 out of 4 games where the front four haven't been able to generate enough pressure. Hubbard had a solid game in Hamilton I thought, didn't really see him get many reps until the 4th Q though, but he did blow by Reilly on a contain giving him large chunk of the field to roll out with the ball so they might've sat him. Green hasn't been very good either.