this is a gimme...

Such a horrible poll. No realistic options. I refuse to vote.

Bombers will win, hopefully by a lot. What an arrogant poll :roll:

And we thought sandusky dude was a troll! :roll: :roll:

Another ten seconds I'll never get back....

Only took me 8 seconds:P

.....first time I've heard guys compare who was shorter.....snicker

I predict that the Bombers will win the game on another 100-yd TD by Milt, that looks like a carbon-copy of last year's play. :lol: :lol: :lol:

and if the turtle-man does Sambo....that'll tie the record for receptions....i wonder how dancin Danny will take it...maybe with a little ballet type shuffle... :lol:

Speaking of seconds ... It only took Milt Stegall 4 seconds to beat the Eskimos last year.


Man, as u can tell im a rider fan, but i absolutly love watching that play. OMG, i think that was the first time i have ever jumped up and down cheering for the bombers, lol. You just gotta love when someone sitcks it to the Eskimos like Milt did in that play. lol :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thank you! bows Thank you!

btw, the Eskimos can't lose: they had their hiccup after thirty-some-odd years and now they'll return to their regular dominance. 8)

o yeah, and this time they won't blitz the Bombers on 3rd and 100.

hahha, but it would be funny if they did! :0

not if you're green
(god, let's hope they've learned from their mistakes)