Esks - Bombers Game Thread


Wishful thinking perhaps the Esks are overconfident.

My concern is the Bombers have no confidence.

I really hope the Bombers win.

However , I think the Esks are in a bad mood from last week and the Bombs are in for a long night.

The Esk O-line better give Reilly time to throw out of the gate or he's gonna be in a bad mood which wont bode well. I just can't see Edmonton coming out flat this week. That said their D need to step up big time. The Bombers will be in tough even with spaghetti arm at the controls

Ref is an idiot

Tried to penalize Edmonton for an illegal kickoff, that was in the endzone.

Looks like the D that played the second half last week is back :lol:

Benivedes needs to be fired.

Eskies got a roughing the passer?? Makes no sense.

WOW! Excellent sack - penalty for roughing the passer. Are you kidding me Ref.

That was a textbook tackle, can't ask a defender to do anything better in that situation turned his head perfectly to avoid the helmet to helmet contact, it can be done.

On another note, holy hell this Eskimos defence is bad, making another backup look like a superstar right now. Will give credit to the Bombers offence they have connected on some massive plays, I have been enjoying this game had a nice flow to it up until this challenge but it is a good one so I don't mind, rather the refs get it right in real time though.

You need to block your cakehole.

Just watched the Adams sideline catch and TSN used stop motion to clearly show his elbow was out of bounds. Wonder why they don't use it more often rather than slo mo which usually doesn't prove anything.

:thup: 2EZ4THACATS

2nd and 18 on the 30 yard line, have solid momentum on your side and LaPolice dials up a draw...Bombers are gunna Bomber I guess.

10-0 Bombers, the questions remains will MOS buy another week of life tonight with his ever so sly move to put in his backup against a terrible defence in order to look like a genius? Stay tuned.

11-0 Bombers - weather break

Awww game delay due to rain + lightning :thdn:

Ahhh man did I jinx that or did have a nice flow to it. Hopefully not a long delay.

I found that penalty to be a total head scratcher. :? Glad that Maas challenged and it was overturned on review.

Maybe the Bombers just look bad at home? So far they're making the EE look like anything but champs!

Maybe Benevides will figure out how to implement a defensive scheme during the delay.

Bombers are 16-43 in the last 4 years, they just look bad everywhere.

So far the EE defense isn't looking very good while the BBs D quite a few replacements in the secondary due to injury are getting Reilly and friends off the field really quickly! However as we all saw last week, the game can certainly change from quarter to quarter.

Well you know that they managed to beat the Ticats at THF. Of course they did have a few lucky breaks (no-look TD) go their way! But yes point well-taken - the BBs have looked pretty abysmal for the past several years!