Esks/Bombers Game Thread

7 for 7 for 65 yards and a Touchdown. Not a bad first drive of the season for a team in dissaray, who couldn't possibly get off to a good start, due to all the changes. Oh, and Glenn was just sacked.

Let's Go Eskimos!!!!!!!!!!!!

ya BLINKED and its a bomber TD

What that sound I hear?
Its the sound of Larry's comments coming back to bite him on the ass

TD Tucker. What is Ray doing now? 13 for 14 and 2 TD's?? Go back under your rocks, morons. There ain't nothing biting me in the ass.


15-7 in the first quarter. Not bad. Hopefully we keep it up.

Blinked again

What's that? Did the Eskimos just score? Say it ain't so!

63 yard TD toss to Gaylor. Ray is now 15/17 for 239 yards, 3 Touchdowns, and zero INT's, and with plenty of time left in the first half. This is a better than average start for Mr. Ray.

I agree. Throwing over 200 yards in the first half? That's damn good.

This TD incident is tense, though. I can't tell if it should be a TD or not. It almost depends on the angle they show...

Good game so far, much more entertaining than the sloppy Lions Argos game so far.

and again

Still two quarters to play, man. :wink:

Someone needs to tell the Eskimo's that those orange flags the officials toss aren't good :slight_smile:

Good game so far, but I'm pissed off I couldn't watch the game in HD, it's blacked out. Must be an Edmonton feed. Watching football was the reason I bought the TV!

I agree on the whole HD thing, I watched the Lions Argo's game in HD then find out TSN isn't showing the 2nd one on that channel.

What the hell was with Ricky Ray in the third quarter? Did he expend all of his energy in the first half? :?

Westwood is done. Both those misses weren't even close. I think I could kick better than that, honestly.

Yeah, those were pretty ugly...

And I think the Esks just scored a TD!

TD Peterson. 4th TD pass of the game for Ray. So much for the Eskimos not being able to get it done in the red zone.