Esks/Bomber & draft choices

Jut read the trade and not happy. Turns out the Esks own our 2nd round pick..........equates to 10th overall. This selection will likely become Bomber property when season closes out.

Too bad we did not have a OL to trade..............Chris Best comes to mind.

We should be the club accumulating draft selections. I have no clue what we got in return from Edmonton for gicing up this pick (maybe it was the Cory Watson for Jorgen Hus deal........).

But trading away picks is a legacy of Taman's. He was great at shipping our selections to other teams. That is why our National depth is ratshit.

10th overall lands a pretty decent utility OL or a top end receiver typically..............why I am not surprised we won't be a part of round 2!!!!!!!!!! I was really hoping our selections would be intact and that we might acquire a few more 2nd or 3rd round picks before the season closes........Taman......arghhh

can someone provide a link as to what draft picks we have for the next 2 years and what we have traded away and to who ?

Above quote looks to be correct.

The 2016 draft link below,

[url=] ... _prospects[/url]

After picking up Odennell the Nichols trade made sense...they freed up a little cap for what supposedly puts the OLman in the top 3 paid on the line in the game.

The Bombers maid out very well on this trade...if it was the Riders pick then it was almost robbery...I have heard it was the Esks pick...but I am not positive. Big difference between a #9-12 pick and a #15-17

I looked at that link and thanks to person who sent it out.

I am even more pissed off now.

The 2nd round pick was part of Jorgen Hues…in the deal we pick up Edmonton’s 3rd round pick. As it turns out (and nobody can predict records)…we give up 10th overall and will likely get Edmontons 18-20 pick. Bombers picked this 10th overall selection…Kyle Walters smart move!!

Even worse…when we traded for Brandon Boudreaux who now rotates in for the Stamps…we gave up our 3rd round and get Stamps 4th…so we have given away 20th overall and Calgarys 4th rounders gets us a 30-33 overall selection.

I am glad Taman is gone. He can’t build a team organically. Give him a wallet full of money and he can sign veterans…but he can’t build bottom up…especially nationals.

If left alone…we should be looking at 1st, 10th, and 19th overall…we’re now looking at #1 and then not again until 18-20? Shocking.

In their defense…Hus is solid and nobody even knows who this kid is. Because his snaps have been money all year (but I did notice 1 against the Bombers that was mildly wild but Early scooped it and launched a nice punt).

A guy can’t even get overly excited about the draft…when you have to sit and watch out western rivals using our picks to bolster their talent. And we are not clear about how deep or talented this draft class is. Lots of the top 10-15 prospects are playing down south?


wow…bombers cleaned up on that deal imo

how funny will it be if it is BT using that pick in the draft next year? I could see him landing back there

BT in Bomberland................I wish..............but never will happen. Nope.

Walters and O'Shea are in for a rough ride over the next 2 months........unless Nichols can get them some victories. But I firmly believe Walters will be given another off season to continue his build.

The Bombers are in better shape than they were in 2014. Their National talent is getting better. With what he adopted I think the smart people in charge see the slow development.

They are pretty good with Willy.............without Willy they are hooped. They now have Nichols at #2 and wait and see if this parachute player can provide some leadership, win some games and apply some pressure to Willy's job. But either way I think Walters has a job and gets to carry on his mandate for another off season!

BT might become a scout for him................but why scout Nationals when BT would recommend to trade them all away!

If the bombers regress in the win column, then I can not see how changes are not needs to go. They have 8 games to win 4