Esks at Ticats score prediction thread

Cats 27

Eskies 24

michaelblake wrote,

wow!!! dont you guys notice we couldnt even beat a third string qb

Hey, that 3rd string QB is undefeated in 2 starts. Beating Joseph in a shootout!

Esks 38
Cats 12

I hope for the opposite, but fear I may be correct.

My prediction has been blacked out at this time.
However if we get 25000 posts on this thread I will lift my blackout and allow all locals to see my prediction ..........

We dont' care, because if you really cared, you would have made the effort to make a prediction. :wink:


Apparently nobody can.

You could always just drive to niagara or north toronto and make your prediction from outside the blackout region.....

Cats 34
Esks 31

Ticats 38 EE,s 20

BOOM shaka... boom shuk.... booom shukalu...awww to hell with it


Ticats 27
Edmonton 18

Cats 24
Eskies 21


Jesse over 100yrds…
Hoping Printers actually throws a TD too!!!

i hate doing this one...but with reverse logic and because i ve always been lousy at picking winning numbers...

reverse curse

edmonton 34
hamilton 19

hope my "bad" luck holds and i pick wrong again.

:lol: good one

Ticats 7
Esks 0 :rockin:

I'm going to be a huge homer here ... but I'm calling a HUGE Cats blowout (what the heck.. might as well have some fun with my prediction)

47 - 19 Cats :rockin:

Ticats 36
Esks 32

Ticats 38
Igloo men 14

Coulda been if bonehead Woodcock didn't catch that game winning pass out of bounds with seconds left.