Esks at Spies Game Thread (Oct. 2, 7:30 pm ET, TSN

NO FLAG????????

Late hit!


500 catches for Kamau Peterson! Perhaps the most unlikely/dismissed run to that milestone I can think of. He has turned into a solid receiver since the days of "Incompleterson." Good on him!


Grandma down! LOL

Did you get that, HTD? Or are you going to not keep track this time?

And I think you can call Peterson "Completerson" now.

Whitlock WHOOSHES to the Winnipeg 1! Esk o-line pancaked the Spies there!

Whitlock sees the gaps, runs through them, 1st a goal from the 2 Esks.

Then TD Mann.

Ray with a DART to Mann -- TD

Well, at least they got that late hit!

Sorry guys.. was AWOL for a bit there.. am back.. Bishop Granny hunting again??

Well, if he were aiming for row 3, I think his passes would land in row 10. :slight_smile:

Spies get FG that may not have happened if not for late hit

Good stuff, glad to welcome back the regular Bishop... that blind sqirrel Bishop annoyed me

He had his good game last week, so yes, he is due for some more not-so-good games.

Reid slow to get up, bad news for spies.

Upon legal advice, I cannot make Row 3 comments here. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

How about "Them thar lower sections better be ready for leather burns to the head!" :wink:

i read that.. funny thread!

Well, you can't make accurate comments re fan abuse of the Cat bench historically without having an appreciation of the general proximity of certain elements to it. Idiots hanging off goalposts don't seem to be able to affect the team as much...

So I will refrain from identifying particular rows, boxes, and sections. If the caca fits, wear it. LOL

slow moving game


"Don't say the name, vic!"


Indeed. Ray hasn't really gone deep yet. At least to anyone on the field. LOL

I have a feeling the Bombers are starting to go on a roll: look out Cats, they could still take 2nd place.