Esks at Riders Week 17

Chart is up...

Count em....only 2 QBs dressed, and no, Tino is not one of them!

I knew Korey Williams was getting lots of reps but I was a little set back that he completely bumped Depalma off of the 46, as he looked good.

  • Are they already calling him a next year project
  • Are they putting Williams in more because it gives them some speed they are seriously lacking?
  • Are they saying...ok, you have been in the system 2 years, here is your chance to prove you stay.

Oh...just noticed Ford is off the 6 game and on the Maybe the coaches read the board and went...geeze, maybe this changeup everyone talks about has merit. lol

Okay, never mind...the text link omits Tino, but the pdf and interactive link have all 3 QBs.

That would have been massive and not make much sense as the QBs are not ratio players, and thus can not be subbed for another player.

lol if doege was the only back up I think someone on the coaching staff would be looking for a job on Monday unless Tino was hurt or something . :slight_smile:

So what do the Riders take out of this loss today?

First, the defence played more inspired. If Foley isn't the Defensive Player of the Week, I'll be shocked...

Second, we know that Kerry Joseph is the guy while Durant is out. Although the offence sputtered in the second, Joseph will get better once he shakes the rust off. There were definitely plays to be made and the Riders left plays on the field

Third, Anthony Allen was truly missed today... I like that the Riders opened up the passing game, but that big run was missing. Will Ford couldn't get it done

Fourth, the Rider receivers have to step it up to another level. Too many drops today at key times in the game.

And last, the Offensive line needs work on pass protection. I know the Esks have a really good D-line, but a lot of momentum was lost on holding penalties.

At the end of the day, I am somewhat encouraged even though they lost. Edmonton has a really good team with a strong defense, and we knew this would be a huge test for the Green and White amidst all that has been going on the last 5 weeks. A few plays here or there and the Riders could have maybe pulled this one off

I thought KJ looked good one game in. A couple bad passes, a couple drops, but really it wastage 2nd half kickoff...sucked the life out of them for the 3rd quarter

Oh, and at least I understand why Toston is not getting played ans Toni was played the way he was last week. Kudos to the staff on both accounts

Well another loss and no hope for a playoff game. Defense is not getting stops when needed. Yes they have been playing too much but when a team is 1st and 17 and you allow 13 on the next play allowing a much easier 2nd down that is not good. Too many open receivers on the sidelines with no one around them. Foley was the bright spot on D and call it poor sportsmenship but him popping Rielly on the final play. You have the game won and second place wrapped up and instead of taking a knee you try for another score? Sorry but if he would have got hurt I would not feel one bit sorry for him. That is just trying to add insult to injury going for the end zone with no time left on the clock.

Well at least we threw the ball far more but some bad passes were also made. The pick on the pass to Bagg never should have been thrown. Blame it on rust I guess. While KJ was not great considering his lack of playing in over a year he made some things happen. Too little too late and perhaps they should have signed him two weeks earlier when he offered to come back. Some bad passes but again not playing will do that. I liked his determination and fight.

Hey depop, can you elaborate on the Toston comment? What is the deal?

I was curious too about your comment about Toston and Toni? Or did you mean Tino?

yes...i meant Tino

I shouldn't have mentioned it as I am not wiling to divulge where it is coming from.

lol now you just made me more curious. :wink: I heard Toston got in a bit of a scrap with one of the D line men during
practice I don't suppose that had anything to do with it?

I understand if you can't elaborate but I have and I think many others have too wondered why he was looking like the guy during preseason and then not seeing any game action once the season started.

From what was conveyed, no, there was no scrap or anything that was effected his status. Not saying there wasn't one...saying it was not conveyed as an issue. They like his skill-set

Well then if its not his playing ability then it must be either off field related or his attitude. Since nothing has come out about anything off field in the media and face it in this town a Rider player can't go to the bathroom without the media knowing about it so that leaves his attitude. Perhaps has discipline issues or breaking team rules is the only thing I can think of.

You mentioned Tino and the way he was played so is it the same thing? Not asking you to name sources or to break a promise but even a vague hint or indication if I'm on the right track.

not the same thing no
and by the way he was played I mean

Well here’s my take on this game!

Kerry played great for a 41 year old not seen a start in 2 years. He will only improve, 1 interception he had his arm hit, the other, hey knocking the rust off. The D played well for the most part. Foley was on fire, about time!

Now the down part, Heenan has got to stop taking holding penalties, one cost us a big play with Getz. I am sure he took at least 3 of these last night. Our special teams let down and that holding call lead to our defeat, it knocked the wind out of our sails I think. JMO Special teams have got to stop allowing punt and kick returns, for TD’s, last year they allowed few return yards but then again we had Shimilt punting! Should of kept him and not Milo!

I think we have the team and with Kerry back there, and DD’s soon to return, we still have a good shot at making GC!

All in all a much better game!

Yes Heenan had a bad game and a hard time with Willis. That being said with Labatte sitting and Best still not 100% its not surprising they were having issues. Still if this team is to go anywhere the O line must step up. Ford really didn't do much at all and Messam was again used sparingly. Lol again no balance to the offense. Against the als no passing all run, this game mostly passing little run.

I think when Brack made the pick and all we could muster was a field goal it really started the momentum swing. KJ passed on first down into a very narrow target and it was incomplete but if he had handed off to Ford instead of pulling it Ford had a big hole up the middle and if not scoring more then likely gets a first down. But again KJ is rusty and that hopefully gets cleaned up for the next game.

Yes Foley was fired up but they needed everyone to play with the same intensity and they didn't get it. Yes Brack had a good pick but his best hit was on Foley all game. This defense has got to get meaner and stop playing so soft. Time to start punishing some of the other teams offense.

Still not happy about Rielly going for the end zone on the last play when the only thing it accomplishes is running up the score and rubbing salt in the wound. It was a classless move and he deserved to get smoked and smoked much harder then he did. Jones crying on the side line that it was bull sh** for Foley hitting him when actually having your qb trying to embarrass the other team in their house is what was bullsh** if Rielly takes a knee then Foley doesn't go after him, but you pull that stunt and think the other team isn't going to do anything? Good on Foley and the next game against these A **holes Rielly had better watch it.

Heenan takes at least 2 of these a game, he has to learn how to stop his opponent without holding on for dear life!! JMO

Maybe stick a tight end with him? :?