Esks at Lions

BC makes this FG. 29-19. Thanks, #17.

Just first down after first down. This D couldn't stop a high school team.

Maybe going through the East will be better. Avoid Calgary, Winnipeg, and BC.

Love that Maas gets a penalty for the stupidity of the refs. Seriously, this guy is a terrible ref. How is he still around?

Bowman TD. Too little, too late. And we miss the PAT. Week after week the defence puts the pressure on the offence.

Crossover is certain now.

Lose to Hamilton, beat Toronto, get the crossover. Book it.

I have to say that I like the "lose to Hamilton" angle there! :smiley:

Edmonton, BC, and Winnipeg are all pretty evenly matched teams. Any given day they can beat each other. I think the West Semi will be more interesting than the West Final.


Good job Lions

That is how you play smart football.

Excellent game. Agree with Schultzy, Johnson at rb had a big impact in this game running the ball hard. Great win for the Lions.