Esks at Lions

lol @ Sherritt thinking this team can still host a playoff game. BC blowout. Calling it.

Courtesy of Benevides, of course.

I thought both GDT's were being covered in WEEKEND GAMES.

OK, I will post here then.

Lions must win by 5 for the tie break.

What's going on? Almost no thread!!!!! Been away and just got in. Came to check how the game was. :frowning:

Esks forced a safety. Manny has a couple TDs. BC killing in TOP by about 7 minutes.

Manny's right. Reilly's useless on the sideline. Gotta get some stops and flip the TOP.

Run game is also an issue. 99-9 for BC.

An Eskimo fan not enjoying his season.

That makes me :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

PI on Bowman in the end zone. Reilly gets the 1 yard TD. 19-12.

Lacey is giving me fits!

3rd and 2, shotgun, and we give it to them!!! Anyone still think we should keep Benevides?

Jennings with the TD run. No Eskimo within 100 yards. This defence is still a joke. Nothing has changed.

Another long drive. 26-12. Hello, Crossover!

I predicted the Esks would finish 9-9, and that's looking pretty likely. 14-4 to 9-9. If Benevides isn't fired after this season, i seriously have to call into question the competence of Hervey.

Yup I do - at least until the end of the season! :wink: Hamilton needs at least one win to maybe take first in the east! :smiley: (assuming the bombers can knock off Hank and friends a couple of times like they did BC).

Jennings just added to the lead too with a big run into the end zone.

We have a run game. Who knew? Whi/yte with the long rushing TD.

Gee, I wonder why. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edmonton should just let BC start at the Edm 20. We all know the Lions are gonna get there anyway.

Nice TD by White. I actually did pick the EE to win (I think) - but then I also picked the Riders today too and they did a good job of laying an egg - at home yet!

BC shanks the FG. Edmonton runs it out and fumbles. Take a knee, you moron!!!

Way to save your kicker there BC - missed FG run out by EE - fumbled and recovered by the orange and black.

Sack wiped out by a penalty. I'm gonna lose it in about two seconds.