Esks at HTC score prediction thread

Who are the Cats? This game might tell us something.


Cats make Reilly uncomfortable - Cats 35 - Esks 30

Reilly has time and space - Cats 27 - Esks 45

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A one point victory for Ti-Cats ,Esks are tough ,slow start after bye week #2 but we come back for a one point victory. 35/34

Esks - 31
Ticats - 27

We’ll have the ball late with a chance to win. We will not win. :-[

That would mean the Cat’s orchestrate a late game winning drive. That will be a tough sell around these parts. 8)

We struggle on both sides of the ball, 31- 15 Esks.

Not a lot of interest in this one. Folks at work are having trouble giving tix away. I predict a sparse uninspired crowd. We need a win bad.

Cats 27 Esks 24

Joe gets a well deserved standing o!

37-18 Esks.

  1. I agree with you on the interest level for this game !!

Also evident on this forum, quietest it's been this past week on here, for the past year or so !!

29-18 Edmonton :frowning:

Hamilton 34

Edmonton 28

Had a dream last night and the scoreboard read Hamilton 48-42 over the Eskies. I think I will half that to 24-21 for Hamilton.

Oddly enough, so far this year I am 3-5 on my predictions. Sensing a pattern here :slight_smile:

Yup! I have a work event I can't get out of and it took me almost a week of asking family, friends and co-workers if they wanted my tickets for free before I finally found a taker yesterday.

Cats HAVE to start winning at home to get people interested again.

Unfortunately I'm guessing a loss in a close game tonight 29 - 27.

Ticats are 6-15 at home since 2016. I really can't blame casual fans for starting to lose interest. The empty seats we saw in the second half of last season might be even worse this year if the Cats don't start winning soon.

I also had trouble giving away tickets. I am taking my wife who hasn't gone to a game since the 1-17 season.

I will attend the game but I don’t really expect much for an uninspiring bunch who appear to be happy with penalties and stupid mistakes.

Edmonton 23
Hamilton 29

  1. Wow, 6-15 at home since 2016 !!! That is a fact that a lot of fans don't even know !! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Certainly not a record to be very proud of at all...LOL :frowning: :frowning:

On top of the 6-15 at home, they’re 3-9 in games following a bye week since 2011!
So, history, never mind the teams’ records so far this season, would suggest a 70-75% likelihood of the Esks going home happy.
I’ve been humming an old Elvis song this week thinking of our 2018 TiCats, and I see tonight as “It’s now or never.”

I’m feeling lucky!

We win 28-24! :slight_smile: