Esks at Bombers, Riders vs Leos

So the playoffs are essentially set now. We know Edmonton travels to Winnipeg and we know the Riders and Lions meet up, it's just where at this point. Regardless of who you cheer for as a fan, you can't deny that at least out West it has made for one of the most exciting regular season finishes in recent memory. Lots of very good close down to the wire games this year and I can't recall the last time that a divisional playoff position wasn't decided until we've played 17 games.

Obviously home field is nice, but I don't think it's a huge advantage this year. Will the Bombers sell the game out this time around? Being outdoors I give Edmonton a huge kicking advantage in that game, Prefontaine isn't the best kicker in the league but he's miles ahead of Serna.

The Lions won in a sold out Mosaic Stadium earlier in the year, obviously they'd prefer to play at home but I don't think it's something they'll complain about. Likewise the Riders also won in BC place this year, and the West Final last year so I don't think the noise is that big of an issue to them either.

As a Rider fan I hope Calgary comes out and beats BC this week so it gives the Riders the chance to host another playoff game, but it wouldn't surprise me if their play underwhelmed me as they've got nothing to play for. Part of me hopes they go hard as they have a 2 week layoff and they likely won't rest the starters as that would be 3 weeks between games.

Anyways, still 2 weeks away from the playoffs, im looking forward to them.

I think that Huf has to balance the desire to maintain an air of superiority over the Lions (going into the playoffs on a solid, winning note) and the desire to avoid injuries/get rested. If I were Huf, I'd be planning/hoping for a quick (and better yet, substantial) lead by the end of the first half so that he can rest key starters in the 2nd half. As a Riders fan, I sure wouldn't mind that result ... so long as BC loses, close or not doesn't matter.

I do agree. Last year the Riders didn't rest many players against the Argo's in a meaningless game, but the players obviously weren't very fired up and were badly outplayed, so I hope this doesn't happen to the Stamps. I guess we didn't have a bye week though, so I hope Huff wants to keep his players sharp.

Hopefully the Riders take care of business and don't underestimate the Argos. They don't want to lose 9 in a row to end the season.

To be honest, I'm not really looking forward to the B.C./Saskatchewan game. We've seen this game too many times, especially in the playoffs. I suppose that's the problem with only having 8 teams...

I think I'll be pulling for Calgary to represent the West.

In the East, Danny M. better have a damn good game plan going into Winnipeg. :roll:

LOL rider fans cheering for the stamps how nice! Calgary is going to sit out their starters from what I heard. OOps do not tell ro!

By the way it is going to be an all Alberta Grey Cup!

well would it be wise to rest your starters
teams always complain, we dont like the week off and now 2 weeks off.
At least they will have an excuse when BC or SK beat them in West final


Burris will throw 3 Int in final if he doesnt play at least 3 quarters this Saturday

Burris said he wants to play. I think the starters will play, just not the whole game.

I think it'd be wise for them to play since they have the bye week. But thanks for the tip, 05. Should help when I have to set my fantasy teams.

I would bet they do not start most of their starters why take the chance of an injury. The Stamps have lots of time to prepare for the final. The last game will be good for the second and third stringers to get into a game. By the way Burris may want to play but that does not mean the coaches will play him. Besides Rider fans he is not that good right.

Are you telling us that Burris is not that good throwing to the right or running to the right? All this time I could have sworn you were pretty high on Burris.

This game has no importance to the Stamps so Burris will probably be awesome :wink:

See you two just proved my point! Why would the Stamps need to play Burris against the Lions so sit him after all in rider fans eyes he is not very good . Thanks for proving my point. By the way an important game just recently let me help you with it hmmm 42 to 5 ring a bell. That see who was the QB in that win oh yes it was rider fans all time favorite QB Burris at the helm. The stamps will save his best game for the final and GC.

I'd love to see a Riders/Stamps West Final. Playing the Stamps is so much fun!

Well the mighty Lions will have something to say about that.