Esks at Als, Oct. 9

This isn't a normal down phase that all teams face. The team is losing AND they are not rebuilding for the future. They have the oldest team in the league. They are losing now, and they will lose in the future, because they are not rebuilding with young promising players.

The team has owners who have lost the plot, but continually interfere with football operations and make bad decisions. The team has a GM who should never have gotten the job because he is incompetent. The team has no head coach, and a mediocre bunch of position coaches.The team has weak canadian talent, and blew the last draft.

This isn't whining. This is fans realising the ship is sinking. Many posters here don't whine, becasue they have STOPPED posting due to lack of interest. Even some hardcore supporters have been missing from the forums.

Lack of interest from devoted fans and posters is a sure fire sign this team is going down.

And YOU suck it up!

CFL Power Rankings: A bad year keeps getting worse for Montreal

  1. Montreal Alouettes (unchanged)

A couple of weeks back, Tyrell Sutton told theMontreal Gazetteit was time to “put up or shut up.” Since then the Larks have been crunched by Toronto and crumpled by Calgary for a combined total of 94-31. Things thus may be fairly quiet out of the Als camp over the next week. Remember when GM Kavis Reed believed back in camp that Montreal’s defence was so deep at linebacker it didn’t need Bear Woods? They’ve given up 425 points in just 13 games and cannot stop the run at all. Stamps’ 523 total yards this week included 216 on the ground after 154 vs. the Argos. They’re not bad against the pass, but why pass when you can roll over Montreal like this? Reed is now also head coach, of course, and he has to find players who can tackle in the coming weeks.

Dominique Tovell would be a help against the run if can he return this week.

Kyries Hebert said on his radio show that he likes what he sees at practice from QB's Matt Shiltz and Antonio Pipkin.

On the Alouettes FlightDeck, Cliffy D is usually barely worth listening to because he cannot complete a sentence without sighing. Last week, he addedbreathing into the microphone throughout the show. This week, one of his lowlights was asking Davis Sanchez to respond to Chip Cox's comment about expectations based on the HC & DC being firedwhile omitting the part of being like training camp with everything being new. The other lowlight was when he suggested to Sanchez that Sam Giguère be utilized as a RB or FB. Sanchez replied that making that decision as a GM would result in an immediate firing as Sanchez has never seen Giguère make a block or break a tackle.

I love our trolls. The sign of a truelly desperate organization.

The Great Kazoo will disappear as quickly as he appeared along with his boosters who created accounts in the last few weeks.

Il n'y a qu'une question à se poser : par combien de points les Alouettes vont-ils perdre?

Je crois que même les Timinous vont les battre 2 fois.

Will be interesting to see if Gable can rush for 150 plus yards. He hasn't been effective really since returning from his last injury. Right now this is pretty much a passing team with ST problems but it is still good enough to beat Montreal by at least 3 scores.

Kavis isn't going to win another game this season and will be fired the morning after Montreal's season ends as Boivin now has proof he's been sold a bunch of lies.

Everyman, merely stating what people are saying. If you call that "Whining", so be it.
This is a forum. Many have been posting here for some time, expressing opinions, facts and ideas on how this organization can improve. Many have written their thoughts, some agree some do not.

If you call that "Whining" so be it.

If you do not like it, feel free to join in with your contributions other than calling people "Whiners".

The bigger question will be, will Maas lose it after a questionable call. :wink:

I expect the Esks to end their losing streak while the Als will fall to 3-12.

Hebert said on his TSN690 show last night that Bowman made the comment in the heat of the moment. He said everyone is giving it there all and working hard. No one has given up.

Guess he is not going to say otherwise.

Johnny est d'accord avec toi. Les Ticats sont une meilleure équipe, qui est motivée depuis l'arrivé de June Jones.

Les Ticats vont gagner les deux matchs contre les Alouettes, et se donner la 3e place dans l'Est. Les Alouettes vont finir bon dernier.

Great answer by Sanchez, to an idiotic question!

I hope Hebert is right. He certainly has not given up and is playing really well.

I too liked what I saw of Shiltz. Reminds me a bit of how Nichols is doing in Winnipeg with his roll out action. I'm hopeful to see him against Edmonton as I don't see how Willy will do well with his style.
And certainly agree with Sanchez says about Giguere. I'd plant him or offer him up in a trade for a mid-level draft pick. He's a guy that I think is going through the motions.

I see Bowman as a liability at this late stage of his greatcareer. Too one dimensional. The new style of rush end, like Jeffcoat inWinnipegor even Willis in Edmonton is to have the ability to show going after the QB but then drop to second level to protect the middle. Jeffcoat is really good at thisas is the rotation Calgary and Saskuses.Can't just use the 3 point stance anymore.

As far as Gable not playing well as someone said...he went off for 150 against Toronto last game. He will definitely help Edmonton. A real pro.

Hebert has brought it pretty much all season long.
As did Lewis.

Giguere I can not see any team grabbing him. He's a non factor.

And I believe any of the contending teams would welcome having Bowman on their roster. Rotate him in and he would not be the focal point for the opposition.

Reed should ask him if he wants a shot to play elsewhere. If he agrees, do his best to accommodate and get some youth in return.

Time to play some of the younger guys and see what they can do.

If Gable sucks then perhaps the Als take him off their hands along with some goods assets for Sutton.

Herb Zurkowsky's article from today.

-John Bowman does not regret his post-game comments from the Calgary game.
-Drew Willy will start at QB.
-Dominique Tovell should return at MLB.
-Branden Dozier likely starting at Safety.
-Fabion Foote might see his 1st regular season action in the CFL.

I will assume that going American at Safety means the Als will play 2 non-imports on the DL at all times.

I don't see a team giving up any assets for a 35 year old import one dimensionalDE. Sutton either actually.

A few contendingteams would want Durant as back up for some midto late draft pick(s). Most of his salary has been paid. Probably never happen tho...Edmonton should look hard at him just to try and get something for Franklin.DD wouldbe a good back-up there.But doubt that Franklin would give up free agency. Maybe though. It's the only place he could start next year probably or he may look at the team as a boneyard.

Is trade deadline Oct 11?

Also, Tevaughn Campbell will be joining Rugby Sevens. Rugby season appears to run from November to May. Does the signing affect his status as an Alouette in 2018? Not a good look if the Als traded a QB for somebody who is leaving football.

Als announced earlier today the signing of DB KJ Morton to the Practice Roster. Morton was a minicamp cut in Hamilton this year who ended up playing in the Arena League. At this time of year, the expectation of new players is they areNFL releases.

Imagine, practice rosters have been expanded and the team can't even fill those spots with decient prospects.

They got nothing out of Joe Mack ZERO. Another nail in the coffin of "The Great Kazoo"

x2 (+ 3 pouces en l'air)

Si ma mémoire est bonne, Boivin était engagé mais pas encore en fonction lorsque Kavis a été embauché. Je demeure prêt à mettre de l'eau dans mon vin et accepter que Boivin ait une chance de montrer qu'il est un vrai président, même s'il semble avoir à développer sérieusement sa capacité de faire un bon contact avec les gens.