Esks at Als, Oct. 9

So the next game is at home against the Eskimos, on Thanksgiving day. No need to buy a turkey, the Alouettes will be providing it... :slight_smile:

WOW!!! free turkey at mondays game I can't wait...I was wondering when someone would start a thread about our next game.Maybe we should all try to come up with a way for our Als to at least not embarass us as fans and themselves as players.I will be there and am curious how the fan base will react exspecially if they continue to play so bad.I will try to be positive but it's not an easy task.

Here's a saving grace for you Stangbang, the Esks have spiraled downward over their last seven games.
So maybe, just maybe, the Als will hang in there for the game.

Not sure I would bet on it though.

Battle of the two coldest teams in the league? EEs 5 straight losses, Als 7.

From Herb Zurkowsky:

While many who follow the Alouettes — and those numbers will likely dwindle with each loss — want to see the team blown up, Kavis Reed isn’t prepared to make sweeping personnel changes. At least not yet.

“You can’t and should not concede. It’s not fair to our fan base,? the Als’ general manager and interim head coach said Tuesday after a walk-through practice that was devoid of media. “We have to make certain we put the best team on the field. When the situation says it’s different, then we start to look at development.

“There won’t be radical changes. We feel we have a strong opportunity on Monday.?

Reed said conversations have taken place with other GMs and he’s exploring trade opportunities that would “shore up things we need to shore up.?

Also:Drew Willy might start. TJ Graham will get another look while DB Tyler Williams might be activated.

That chain of thinking didn't apply with the firing of his HC and DC. Hmmm.

Exact. C'est pourquoi les Alouettes pourraient relancer la saison des Eskimos.

If there is ever a game the Als SHOULD ratchet it up to win - it's this game. Esks are all over the place, and have clearly laid out the road map as to how to beat them. If there is ANY pride or guts left in the Als locker room, now is time to lay it out there.

Als need to lose.

A win might give the owners and reed some hope.

Good grief. Reed surely has his head in the sand. "Not fair to our fan base"'
Is he serious that that comment?
You are right Kavis. Your fan base deserves a heck of allot better. With you as HC, this is clearly not the case. With you as the GM, this is clearly not the case.
Your fan base deserved a team that should have built off last season's 4-2 record down the stretch.
Not sitting at 3-11, losing last 7 and being blown out in at least three of them.

If the Wettenhals care about what fan base is left, they will do the right thing and let Kavis go at season's end before there is no fan base left.

Sure it would be great to win our 2 last home games for the fans,but if it happens it should be in no way perceived that Reed has turned the team around.The complete rebuild has to start as soon as the season is over.

Alouettes fan base isn't strong enough or deep enough to sustain much more carnage. And as said earlier - if the players have any balls or pride - get on it. They don't need Kavis to tell them how to run, catch, throw. We're at the 'show your character' gut-check portion of the season and stats count when negotiating any new contract, so players mailing it in accomplishes nothing.

I'm not concerned about the fan base.

Even if theWettenhals hand the keys over to the league I'm pretty sure the league would run the als until an owner could be found.

If the league refused to let Toronto die they won't let Montreal die.

So let the bleeding continue. Should reed string a win or two together I fear they can say they have stopped the bleeding and will use that to build off of next year.

Drew silly will be our starting quarterback and kavis may survive as GM.

I don't want to risk that.

'I'm not concerned about the fan base'. Someone else will step in, etc etc. WTF??

THIS, my friend is why sports teams fold/move.

Heads up: any advice on improving any sports team - needs to INCLUDE the fan base. They're kinda important.

Toronto didn't and by some accounts, still don't care about their fan base and they are still kicking.

I'm not that worried.

I am more worries what another season of kavis reed and whatever washed up QB he decides to bring in would do to the franchise.

In that respect, if the als need to lose out the rest of the season to ensure he gets his walking papers then so be it.

Go esks

I have ran into two different season ticket holders since their last loss.
Both have told me they are done with the Als and will not be renewing next season.

How many more are out there saying the same thing?

While it is true "the team" could try to do so I think they are smart enough to know that the fans are smart enough to know anything short of a run to the Grey Cup has absolutely no meaning ... and even that doesn't mean most of the season wasn't so terrible as to insult the fans .

So I take "It’s not fair to our fan base" to be literal, the people who bought tickets and show up (the second a subset of the first) deserve the best show the Als can offer.

I get that, I really do. But could never do it to my own club. Couple reasons:

  1. I worked hard to get my season ticket locations by upgrading and swapping over the years - and I don't want to start over.

  2. I learn more about football when we are bad/so-so, than I learn when we are having a great season. And it will get better.

  3. Win or lose, I love CFL football. Why cut off my nose to spite my face?

Despite sucking the last couple years, the Alouettes are still one of the most successful CFL franchises in the past decade (2 GC wins). Tough times never last. How about trying to channel a tiny little bit of Tony Proudfoot - and tough it out?

Because any coward can bail. A family is defined by hanging in during rough times, not by jumping on and off the victory bandwagon.

I would be surprised if they reached 5000 season tickets for next season.

7 year slide you can actually graph it straight down. Not "A couple seasons"
No likeable owners or management
No promising young players at key positions
Not competitive
Not exciting.

Four games into the season Reed said his offense was light years ahead of last season. How ridiculous does he look now. At least last year the offense was improving as the season went on.

After 10-12 games Durant should have been yanked and Vernon Adams given the team. So what does "The Great Kazoo" do? He gives up a young QB we had a season and a half invested, who had yet to lose a game for a guy who doesn't even know the rules and was about to be cut.

That was the end for me. That was so manipulative and dishonest. I couldn't keep cheering for people like that.

IMO. They sell or they fold.

A bunch of whiners you guys ( well 3 anyway). Suck it up. There hasn't been a team in the CFL that hasn't been through this. Not one. If you guys represent how the Montreal fans feel about the team and the CFL in general then the city probably doesn't deserve a team perhaps.

And it hasn't been a graph straight down. They were 9-9 in 2014. Go ordon't go to the games. JUST STOP WHINING CONTINUALLY ABOUT SOMETHING.