Esks./ Argos deal

off of CFL site....Andre Talbot and Brad Smith go to the esks. in exchange for defensive tackle Eric Taylor and a conditional pic....Argos also released Jordan Younger... Barker has started on his rebuild campaign.....I think the argos are gonna miss Talbot....pretty good receiver... :roll:......

Yikes. I kind of feel bad for Toronto. They traded Bruce last year. Now they've traded Talbot. Who do they have left? :?

Halfway decent pickup for the Esks. I'm a little curious about the draft pick. Hopefully it's not a first rounder. But having Stamps, Peterson, and Talbot will be pretty nice.

Combine that with Maurice Mann, and to top it off, Ricky Ray delivering the ball to those guys.

How could I forget about Mann? :oops: And having Nowacki and Rector to rotate in. Edmonton's looking pretty strong at receiver.

And Efrem Hill and Jason Barnes who did pretty well the last 2-3 games of the season when Mann was out. Hill had some big plays in that rainy Hamilton game too.

And dont forget the possible return of Kelly Campbell, who has apparently signed a new contract with the Esks.

I’m guessing we will hear more soon about the Esks unloading some of these receivers via trade.

Who's gonna teach Talbot how to run a 3 yard crossing route (or what they call the "2nd and 10 special" in Edmonton)?

New as in the one he signed near the end of the 2009 season but then wanted out of or new as in a replacement to that contract?

LMAO! :smiley:

Bombers fans love to speculate about Campbell. Whether or not he shows up, he's still Edmonton's property next season, and he better decide what he wants to do quickly because he turns 30 this July.

Talbot was injured most of last year wasn't he? Hopefully he'll rebound quickly from that.

one of the reasons i see for Kerry Joseph's downfall in Toronto, is terrible receivers.
every game, he's playing with guys who don't know the CFL, and its never the same group of guys 2 weeks in a row.

the argos remedy this by trading the only receiver they have left with significant CFL experience, in Andre Talbot.
and Adam Rita confesses the argos are not going to aggressivley persue any free agents, such as Kerry Watkins.

and, to top it all off, they release Jordan Younger.

lets recap shall we;
in one year, the Argos lose Arland Bruce, Andre Talbot, Jordan Younger and Byron Parker ( and possibly Dominique Dorsey )and replace them with nothing, then blame problems on the Quarterback position.... :roll:

last place for the Argos again!

first of all did the evil empire need more receivers ,?? especially one who 's on the start of a decline, peterson lived up to his old moniker of "kamau incompleterson" last season & nowacki is on the way out ...that being said we have stamps , mann , rector , hill , barnes with the slight possibility of the return of kelly campbell . should have a good receiving core this year ....... can't beleive the morons who run the esks organization managed to get javy glatt....good job morons..... :slight_smile: ........ as for t.o. bad move to get rid of talbot , younger?? big deal he came to edm & stunk up the place ......the EE best sign parker .... before he gets away..... anyway good luck to the evil empire this season , sask & b.c. are gonna suck so we'll only have, al's ,stamps & hamilton to compete with ha ha ha ha

Toronto's REC situation could be better, but it's hardly terrible. It's no Edmonton or Montreal or Calgary, but it's something real to build on.

Chad Lucas had 950 yards in a year where he missed the first 4-5 games, had no training camp, no previous CFL experience and had KJ and Pickett tossing the ball to him in a Bart Andrus offense. So that's one.

Jason Carter had 535 yards in a year where he missed the first HALF of the season, had no training camp, no previous CFL experience and had KJ and Pickett tossing him the ball in a Bart Andrus offense. So that's two.

Mike Bradwell had 350 yards as the second NI receiver for much of the season in his rookie year, with KJ and Pickett throwing him the ball in a Bart Andrus offense. There's a possible up-and-comer.

Sure there were drops and missed catches that should have been made. Happens of every team. But the crappiness of KJ and Pickett throwing so many bad passes and overthrows was the biggest on-field contributor to the offensive shortcomings. QB is the 800-pound gorilla right now for Toronto. Fix that convincingly, and things have a real chance to improve, not overnight, but it gives you something to build around.

funny, you saw overthrows, where i saw inexperienced receivers running incorrect routes and cutting routes short, with an O-line providing little or no time for the QBs to make reads.

the argos could have ricky ray at pivot, it wouldnt matter.

Saw the same thing, but I do think Chad Lucas will have a good year in 2010. He is a good receiver, if he can stay healthy.
I also saw poor coaching decisions too, and a lot of stupid penalties and poor times (yeah I talking to you Adriano) Lets see if Barker with CFL experience can minimize mistakes.