,Esks. /Argos deal

…Andre Talbot and Brad Smith to edm…Argos receive Def. Tackle Eric Taylor and a conditional pic;;;;;Argos also released Jordan Younger :roll:

The Esks have a boat load of NI receivers, someone is going to be out of work soon (incompleterson would be my guess).

....AND a few imports.....Mann ...Stamps.....Campbell....i can't see them keeping all of these guys.....Look for some deals around fa time... :wink:

I think one of the import receivers would go before Peterson. Would be interesting to know what the status of Kelly Campbell is. Was his not reporting a cap thing like some have suggested (suspend him so his salary doesn’t count towards the cap) or did he have a change of heart about the contract he signed.

....this ones a mystery.....nobody has cleared his status-up from 09....seems he's still esks. property....My personal opinion....watch for Campbell to be packaged up in a trade....for????????????? I don't think the argos and Danny M. are done yet....and the boatmen would luv to get their hands on Campbell...