Esks @ Als...

....kinda surprised a thread hasn't been started so far given the strong fan support they have here...Eskimosrock is probably having a stroke....

We're up to 6 pages on the Als' forum.

Where's Chief?

I think the Eskimos were all out partying last night. Looking like a train wreck tonight. Nicole's looks out of sync with the team.

I checked the depth chart earlier and saw that Nichols was starting. Was gonna skip the game, but with nothing else on TV, I broke down and turned it on. Imagine my surprise when Nichols' second throw of the game resulted in a pick. He has two INTs in the first quarter. If Jones doesn't pull him for Franklin, I may be forced to call for Jones' head.

a) should've thought of that
b) sympathetic stroke


Speaking as an Als' fan, I hope Edmonton plays Nichols all game.

From and Edmonton perspective, I'd expect Franklin to start the second half.

I guess Jones can say we gave him his chance didn't cut it so he can hold the clipboard.

I’ll take Lynch. Anyone but Nichols.

Lynch makes a couple decent plays. Nichols comes back in and it's two-and-out. I need a wall to bang my head against.

Lynch is really one dimensional but seems to be effective for a short time, Nichols is slow and isn't very accurate with his throws

And nearly another interception.

That's cruel :lol:

Seriously? Another injury? Our best QB, WR and now our RB are out.

Bell is our... either second or third. Where's Simpson on the depth chart? :lol: We lost our starting back, White, before the season even started.

Lynch might not be the best QB, but as long as Jones is gonna be stubborn and keep Nichols out there, they should bring in Lynch more often, keep the Montreal defence guessing.

If Nichols stalls on this drive I bet we see Franklin in the second half

Yeah, as of right now on the active roster he was our number 1 option on the ground. Luckily that depth can fill in.

It's a good thing we have the top defence, otherwise this would be a blowout. With home games against Hamilton and Toronto and then the back-to-back with Calgary, I can see Edmonton going on a bad losing streak if something doesn't change.

Ayy he's alive

Thank you, Lynch.