Esks-Als trade

Kirk Penton ?@PentonKirk 2m2 minutes ago

Interesting move in the #CFL, as the #Eskimos have traded Fred Stamps to #Alouettes for Kenny Stafford. Both import receivers.

Advantage Als on this one? Stamps has gotten lost in the mix in Edmonton, or seemingly so. Hard to imagine his career has derailed so quickly. Is this move a sign they think Green will indeed leave as a FA? Second trade in 2 days that may have some impact on the Redblacks receiving CORPS (there ya go Madjack).

Stafford meanwhile has been around and hasn't really distinguished himself other than being related to Duron Carter.

Slight advantage to Als, but really, Stamps is 33 with a lot of miles on his body and Stafford may have upside that a good offense (read, NOT Montreal) can tap.

Wow, I didn't think Stamps was 33!

And what's up with SJ Green turning down money that would have made him the highest paid WR in the CFL?

Stamps departure was for a few reasons

  1. The rift between Jone's and Stamps was getting wider and wider - no mending was in sight - Stamps did everything he could for it not to get public and be a distraction for the team

  2. Once again the Esks dump a Veteran for cost cutting measures - wether we like it or not it is their trademark - here they will not pay 2 receivers good money - only one - who comes substantially cheaper then Stamps - an increase this year for Stamps ,sealed the deal

  3. The Esks again did not want Stamps- there was no,sitting down planning any other ways they would or could use Stamps at a 40 to 50% reduction in salary - of course Stamps would not even consider it - but the Esks not even attempting to keep Stamps speaks Volumes - so sad for Stamps was a consummate team player
    And bled green and gold up,to,this year .

Players are like the rest of us. Sometimes they need a change.

Because he saw what Desjardins reportedly offered Dressler when he returned from the NFL and he thinks he'll get that offer or more out of the Redblacks. He may have gambled that if he didn't get a big offer out of Ottawa he could return to the Als for the money they had put on the table, but now with this trade they may not be able or willing to offer him as much.

thought you were going to say "players are like the rest of us, they get older" :wink:
...Edmonton GM Ed Hervey said ... "We welcome Kenny Stafford to the Eskimo family and look forward to watching him compete."

WOW, his enthusiasm is unbelievable.

Interesting trade, I think Stamps will be an assett to a houng qb in Crompton.

I think the Esks win this deal. Stamps at 33 may have a couple of years left, but Stafford looked pretty explosive early in 2014 until he was hurt. He will be 25 in April, and let's face it, Esks would have released Stamps anyways. No way they would continue to pay him that big salary and not use him as a go to guy.

Good trade for both teams. Yes Stamps could have been released but then there is no assurance the Als could have gotten him. I much prefer the Als give a good prospect than to see Stamps sign with Ottawa.

It's going to be weird seeing both Price and Stamps play in the Eastern conference this year. I wonder if Brandon Whittaker will be relinquishing his #2 jersey for Stamps this season ? I think it's a good trade for the Al's as although Stamps is 33 he probably has a couple of years left in the tank and will be a nice addition to the team and although Crompton didn't play much with Edm he is most likely familiar with Stamps throwing him passes in practices while he was there. Stafford is a bit of an unknown quantity and never really found his niche in Mtl. A change of scenery and a fair shake might be just what the doctor ordered for him. I think it's a win win for both clubs in this one.

I wonder who we will play inside. We have 3 guys (London, Johnson, Stamps) I consider outside guys. Work in progress, lots more work to do for Popp before June.

The trade lists Stamps as a slotback, so I'd imagine he's starting inside.

Johnson ??? Mr. (Invisible) Ocho is still on the team ? was he ever on the team ? did he even play last year ? :lol: I seem to remember Rod Black mentioning something about this Johnson fella and how he once played in some league called the NFL. :roll: :lol: Do you really honestly think he will be back this year ?

Johnson and the guy they just traded for Stamps.

I guess that's how it will have to work out.

So I guess the next big question is.....if Stamps was acquired to replace Green,then where and who will Green sign with in FA ?
My money is on one of these three teams being Green's new home next season...#1-Ottawa...#2-Toronto...#3-Sask
I would love to see him sign with the Cats but realistically can't see it happening. There is a lot of quality receivers this year that are currently pending FA's. Among them besides Green you have Grant,Ellingson,Banks and Giguere from Hamilton as well as Barnes,Chiles and Watts from Toronto,Kelly from Winnipeg,Dressler from Saskatchewan,Sinopoli from Calgary, Jackson from BC and Lawrence from Edmonton.
It's going to be a very interesting FA period this February and I think you might see more than a few of these I listed changing colours this season. The trading of Stamps and Price I think is just the tip of the iceberg for the coming season when it comes to who is going to be catching balls and from which QB. When you look at the two trades already made and who is available it could be the start of a domino effect in the league depending on who signs where and where they eventually wind up. Yup !! It's going to be very interesting indeed.

I do agree that the possible teams,beside Montreal, where S.J. Green could sign are: Ottawa,although less likely with addition of Price, Toronto, only if Ricky Ray and Chad Owens agree to restructure /reduce their contracts and/or Shea Emry is released or traded and third Saskatchewan,although the fans would definitely prefer the re-signing of Weston Dressler.

Should the Als lose Green, I do hope that they will do the outmost to first sign Samuel Giguère-could Hamilton trade him to Montreal for an offensive lineman?- and second Bakari Grant. These 2 players could always re-sign with Hamilton before free agency begins on February 10, 2015 at noon.


I think that Grant will re-sign,as for Giguere,I think he's as good as gone and could very well wind up with the Al's or maybe even the Stamps if they end up losing Sinopoli. As for our other pending FA receivers,hopefully Banks re-signs but could still end up back in the NFL , Ellingson rumour has it will be hotly pursued by the RB's. Thankfully the team has at least unofficially re-signed Tasker to a new contract. I think that the Cats are thinking about a possible ratio change to the lineup next season and will go with only 1 starting Canadian receiver (Fantuz)instead of 2 (Giguere) and add an additional import at wr/sb and go with a 2 imp/3 Cdn ratio on the O-Line now that Dyakowski is back at 100%.

I agree there could be a lot of movement among the top FA receivers. Especially with top receivers like Green without any NFL interest not re signing. Dressler being another. I don't think he is still looking at NFL interest but I dont know for sure. The fact he and Green will command a 200K salary with the higher cap. If there is an NFL option out there for him and again he gets released he may very well take Ottawa up on their offer this time.
The crowded import receiver situation in Hamilton should give Ottawa another goo starting receiver at a decent price.
Giguere is the most intriguing to me. He has avg about 500 yards receiving in 3 seasons but Hamilton spread the ball around alot and aside from Tasker. The next 5 receivers had between 429 yards and 639. As well they have no 3rd National receiver at this time of any note. When Fantuz was out Coates started. 2 catches for 25 yards. They also do not have a receiving FB at all. So to me he is a starting receiver that really just got started. 4 NFL training camps and 3 seasons on NFL PRs. So although he is 30 his football game body is still fresh.
Montreal and Ottawa can certainly use a starting National receiver so he may just be waiting for the highest bidder. His ability to return kickoffs as well as his speed and strength to play on coverage teams is a plus.