Esks/Als trade

I have to ask. What does everyone think?

Esks trade away 1st and 4th round and non-import kicker for Brody mcKnight.

I was not sure what happended to Burke Dales. He's now on 9 game. I guess they felt it would be tough on young Grant Shaw to shoulder the load. This isn't unlike the riders bringing in Sandro and reduce Milos responsibilities.

Yes McKnight was highly granted the best kicker of his draft class. Yeah he had some NFL sniffs.

I can see the 1st round selection in exchange for a guy that was a 1st round selection. But toss in a 4th and a kicker?

Popp is smiling. He held onto his asset and got top dollar! He has Sean Whyte doing all 3 kicking jobs and he is young. Now he has 2 first round picks for 2013 and another in the 4th. Plus he has a backup in case Whyte gets hurt.

Well.............I wish our GM had the patience that Popp does. I go back to last weeks trade where we shipped a high 2nd round O-lineman for a import receiver who was going to be replaced by a rookie anyway (see highlight reel on Esks Henry #89). Taman got fleeced. The only saving grace is O'Donnell has not signed anything yet, so thus far Taman is looking smart. But we need to wait and see?

But thoughts on this deal between Esks/Als

Who cares? If Tillman's stupid enough to trade draft picks for a kicker when you can basically find decent kickers anywhere you look then that's his deal.

Seems stupid to me. Big trade for an import. Seems really odd because Grabby Magoo really preaches about NIs

It's harder to find good quality Canadian kickers, I don't think the trade was that lopsided. Maybe if the trade was for an American kicker, but non import kickers are very important. How many Canadians are available as a free agent kicker?

I think Mcknight has way more upside than Schiavone, plus he's younger. The Al's realized that Whyte is going to be their guy for a long time, they got some value for a young Canadian.

Mcnight is a NI kicker, taken in the draft 8th overall by Montreal.

ahh…well…not so bad then