Esks/Als post game

that was a must win in my books for the esks with the rest of the west catching up, the stamps were only 2 points behind so this combined with a stamps loss widens the gap. Great game Jason Tucker and my man AJ GASS kicks butt as usual! Bravo Hayden! way to hit those field goals! cudos to the eskies D too! really shut things down, turn overs and costly penalties hurt us, but i was overall impressed tonight and we seen flickers of a esky run game! cant wait to see what jenkins can do. Bravo Eskys!


edmonton better beat calgary both games and winnipeg better, atleast ,split with sask.

how interesting would that make the race for 3rd in the west?!?!

Yeah that was exactly what i was thinking, its gonna be a close race.

TUCKER… was AWESOME tonight with over 210+ yards…and 2 TDS…his average per catch is 24.5 per game.

I was pulling for the Als but it wasnt meant to be....Edm just has too many weapons...imagine what they could do with a real running back.. I dont think Jenkins is the answer but thats my opinion.... He is Injury prone and doesnt have the offensive line to open the holes, but no harm in trying him out cant be any worse than McClenon

Will be interesting to see what happens in Montreal now they are losing, they are not a bad team just poorly coached... the Dons arrogance once again cost them.. (2) 3rd down gambles botched by ridiculous play calling and they throw a guy who hasnt played a down of professional football to the Wolves (Tucker).

Actually I hope Calgary wins both and Sask wins both. You know how cool that would make the race for 2nd?

Ah yes the Don and his arogance again.
You guys just love to blame him dont you? I still stand by him. He is not the winningest coach in the CFL for nothing. As for the so called bad play calls, he doesn't call them A.C. does. Its amazing how everyone forget the good calls and lingers on the bad ones. The Als are having a bad year for the first time is almost a decade. SO-what did anyone expect them to finsh first from now untill the end of time.

The reg-season may be a bust this year but the playoff are yet to come.

Yeah good thing for you guys Montreal is in the east with Hamilton or they wouldn't make the playoffs here out west.

Well that show you know what you are talking about.
Montreal in 3rd has the same record as Calgary in 3rd and they both have a better record than your team that if was in the east would be IN LAST PLACE :lol:

Props to all of the 44,000 fans who went to the game. I was there and man what an atmosphere that many people makes. Highest attendance for Edmonton and the CFL so far this year. Two weekends from now when Clagary comes there should be 55,000 + . If only football was as popular in other Canadian cities this league would be flourishing!

Being from Southern Ontario and the Center of the Universe, I have to admit and am quite envious, there is no doubt how Edmonton is the best sport city in Canada. Hands down.

man...Toronto has the largest population of canada and only 24 600 show up for wednesdays game against the stamps....disgusting!!!!! the skydome should be sold out every nite!!!

they draw more people than the bluejays or the raptors ( raptors never sell out anymore ), yet sports shows and newspapers always bury the argos after coverage of the previously mentioned.

i truely believe, that if the argos got the media coverage they deserve, they'd be drawing 40 000 a nite!!

i was at this argo-stamp game, and there were ALOT of empty sections.
im at the argos next home game against the tiger-cats....i hope the place is packed.

I have to agree with most that you say........but the season is far from over and you never know..........ALLEN , could go down , OTTAWA could have a major losing streak...........I think that MONTREAL will beat week.

That is the beauty of the CFL...........just make it to the CFL 's second season and who knows.?

BUT, I have to question the DON on those........2 ..........3rd down gambles early in the, if they had made those he would be a genius , but because Montreal didn't make them..........those failed attempts were momentum killers for ,MONTREAL.

Having played foot ball myself for many years..............those 3rd down stops give the other team a huge lift.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
Don't count Montreal out yet. Last 3 years they started the season 8-1 who is to say they cant finish this season 8-1?
They would finish with a12-6 record and possibly first place. I know it wont happen but anything can and usually does

Who was counting MONTREAL, out?..with 9 games to go…no one has a sure thing.

Some dolt was a few posts back.
Another thing, dont forget the 2000 8-10 Lions and the 2001 8-10 Stamps.
Both won the cup in those years

you can never count the als out, there still too good of a football team, of all the teams they are ones i hate to see my esks play most, them and the bombers , we always suck against the bombers.

The game was moved from THURSDAY to WEDNESDAY..........still , the T.V. numbers are great.

but you are right , they should be more people there..................

Until that game..............we were averaging 28,000 a game.........the media does suck, in TORONTO. :roll:

r u going to the sept 10th game against the ti-cats?

I have ARGO season tickets...........since 1989.........and YES............I may even go to HAMILTON.....If I can get tickets.