Esks @ Als GDT

Well thank you Vermonter as I prepare to head into town for todays game.Let's hope the only turkeys on the field are the eskimos.

It is pouring rain right now in MTL

Dave Campbell?
5m5 minutes ago


Change that to pouring rain. At least that’s what it’s doing right now. #Eskimos #CFL

John Chick probably with his first chance at a win this year and he is scratched?? :frowning:

Dave Campbell?
20m20 minutes ago
#Eskimos scratches: REC Bryant Mitchell and DE John Chick

Hope it's a late arriving crowd as there's almost nobody in the stands right now

Not quite the first run with the Eskimos that CJ Gable was hoping for.

These 2 pt attempts drive me nuts.

Those missed pts come in handy in a close game.

They should only be taken when needed in a comeback.

Get it Wally ?

Unless one is a master at nailing them and I'm not sure that applies to the larks.
Had to wonder early on if the Eskies just don't play well in bad weather (given their collapse in the EDF last year) but they've managed to get themselves back in it. CJ with 2 TDs as an Eskie. Sorry that Chick has been scratched though.

Given the torrential rain and the holiday (dinner or travelling for many) that's maybe not surprising to say nothing of the larks sad performances of late.

Note to ALS: might want to cover #83 in white.

Or not! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Gotta cheer for the Eskies in this one - especially the Gable Guy. :slight_smile:

The Als have one of the best kickers in the CFL

Good game considering the rain.

Fans who showed up to get soaked deserve a win.

Go Als.

Behind Paredes and our now injured Castillo! He's certainly been better than he was last season though.

These Als are reminding me of the 1986 version.

Tragic that it will be Kavis in charge of a blow up and rebuild. I pity MTL I really do

Kavis Reed is a pitiful HC and worse GM. How he got the GM job I will never understand.

He comes across like a guy knows what he's talking about (very articulate), but as we've seen in Edmonton and now Montreal, he really is not a great head coach and how someone thought he would be a good general manager is puzzling and troublesome no to say the least

He must have something on the owner Wettenhal.
One would have thought Wettenhal would have known that after Reed's stint in Edmonton. Then being out for a couple of years coming back as ST coach.

Only explanation for him being given the keys.

In any event he sure has made it even worse than last year's team.