Esks afraid to face Riders in playoffs!!!!

Heard on a talk-show today from an Eskimo fan. He said, I am afraid of playing the Riders the most in the playoffs because it hurts the most to lose to them.!!
Why aren't the Eskimos and their fans strong enough to have the courage to face the Green and White. I guess the saying , "When the going gets tough, the tough gets going." does not work in Edmonchuck. It must really hurt for those fans of the team with the highest payroll and the highest revenue to lose to the riders all the time. And, it must bug the heck out the eskimo fans to see that the riders are the second choice of most other fans and draw the best in all stadiums at away games. Why don't people like the eskimos???
Keep trying esks!

Riders Rule
Rider Pride Nation Wide

i was going to comment that this statement would get torn to shreds by anti rider fans....but then I looked and saw who wrote it. Why is it that when good ole turk writes stuff about the riders its all good, but when i call the riders canada's team, people get mad at me.....

First of all, your stereotyping all Eskimo fans as having the same views and opinions as the one you heard on the talk show, and thats wrong. You not only attempt to say that all Eskimo fans have this opinion but also refer to the Eskimo players themselves. No one knows for sure which team has the highest payroll in the league, because most teams dont give out this information publicly. To answer your last question, people dont like the Eskimos beacuse they are the most successful franchise in the CFL, consecutive playoff streak of 34 years, and 12 grey cups. Many people are jealous of this and always try to run the Eskimos down, likely how you attempted just now.

It's true - nothing is as pathetic as losing to the Riders.

It has been proven under laboratory conditions.

Easy, esks123 - you gotta consider the source of the post here. . .

When Saskatchewan comes to town, I give up my season tickets and sit with a large group of friends, 50% of which are hardcore Rider fans. I have discovered that if their team score so much as a field goal, they are all in your face, screaming and yelling how the Rider are starting to kick some A. But when they start to go down in flames, as they are prone to do, I have never seen a group of more sappy, sulking, pathetic whiner in my life. They sit in the corner and sulk like the're a kid that had his ball taken away.

Maybe that's why I enjoy watching the game with them, because it's the funny damn thing I have ever seen. :mrgreen:

Your taking what one guy says and making it out to be like every esky fan says that crap?

Anyone here see in the sun where there saying it was a bad idea to bring Ricky Ray back.. worst article ever..

Turkey got them riled up again, wow Turkey sure is good at it

Depends which stage you face the Riders for me, if higher up, not so bad, lower, it's embarrassing.


i admit, the riders have had our number the last lil while, but i'm not afraid to play them

I can't see too many Eski fans being afraid of the Riders, considering they just beat BC. The way the Riders have played lately I know we're not "afraid" to take on any team right now either.
One things for sure, when Edmonton and Saskatchewan get together chances are it's going to be a great game to watch, I can't wait.

I would have to think that assuming cause one Eskimo fan says something on a talk show, and thinking that all Eskimo fans and players have the same opinion is like saying that all Rider fans are as described in Jameskimo's post. I know there's a lot of us that are like that, and they're the kind of fans that make me ashamed of being a rider fan at times.

However, as I get older I realize that the teams are going to do what they're going to do no matter what I do, and I can somewhat accept it. :wink:

So besides making sure my puppy has his sweater on all day game day, and wearing mine if I'm able to watch the game, I leave the rest up to the dudes on the field. With the occasional curse word at the TV that leaves my fiancee wondering what kind of idiot she's about to marry, that is......

Anyways. I think that the fan who made the statement meant that maybe he could accept losing to BC or Calgary, but to lose to the Riders is unfathomable to most Esk fans. And seeing as no game is ever a "lock", it would probably worry them that the chance is there to lose to us two years in a row.