Esks Acquire Glover

Im a little shocked by what it took to get Glover to Edmonton, he seems a lot better than a 6th Round Draft pick for 2012.
Can anyone shed some light here? Or did we just happen to get a steal?

When I first saw this news, I joked: Tillman doesn't have anymore picks from this draft, so he's trading future picks now. :lol:

A 6th round pick isn't much, but he's also 32, so he's getting up there a bit. I'm guessing he also spent some time injured, because he only played 12 games last season. Sounds like a fairly even trade to me.

Well I think this is a good move and Glover I feel still has the tools to continue playing football. However, as pointed out he's getting up there in age so thus he does have the skills to develope/work with our younger DB's IMO. Also after going over the team roster, I find it odd that the Eskimos have 16 DB's listed. Tillman perhaps must have something up his sleeve/moves via trade or.... :?

Ahhh i did not realize how old Glover was, i thought maybe late 20's and maybe 30. Although still a 6th rounder is basically nothing, good trade for Esks. And Id assume the reason Tillman has 16 DBs is so that our secondary will be better addressed. Hopefully there will be some good DBs and have quality with the quantity.

Guess it wasn’t such a good trade since we released him for failing a medical… :expressionless:

did you notice this year chief, if you cant pass a medical, there is no holding on like teams have done in the past? even Barns, hes a good slot i thought. but couldnt pass, your gone.

There does seem to be a sense that everyone is expendable, regardless. At least I've noticed that for the Eskimos, anyway...

I think thats bullshit, I understand what the Eskimos are trying to do, but we traded to get glover, and barnes was up and coming to being an adequate receiver. They shoulda been able to play in the pre season to showcase themselves so your not missing out. Unbelievable.

Since Glover failed the medical does that void the trade?

It should, shouldn't it?

Calgary traded Labinjo to Montreal. . . He failed the medical there. . . and the trade was voided. . .

I don't know, is that automatic in the CFL?I mean, there's clauses you can add like whether the player cracks the line up or not but is it auto here?I'm curious to know