Esks 2nd, 3rd string qbs

It sounds like KJ looked pretty bad vs. sask today(i listened to a bit of the game on 630). JJ apparantly stepped it up from TC and had the best stats of our qbs today. Stephen Jyles only had 4 passes and went 2/4. Hopefully the Esks will give him another chance on friday.

QB Predictions:

  1. Ricky Ray
  2. Jason Johnson
  3. Stephen Jyles
    (cut) Khari Jones

How was KJ BTW?

I heard only parts of the game myself and do not place a lot of emphasis on exhibition games, but it did not sound like either QB played particularly well.

In fact it sounded like Jyles was the most efficient of the three. My gut feeling at the moment based on watching a few days of camp, what the coaches have to say and the results of the first ex game is that Jones has the inside track at the moment.

It's pretty close call at the moment though and a lot can change in the next week. Should be interesting.


I really believe that KJ will be cut, and the Esks will go with they younger guys when the season begins, even KJ himself said that he was overthrowing his receivers. He didnt have a good game , IMO, and he needs to be specatular in the next game to have any kind of chance of being around when the regular season starts.