Why do I get the feeling that the Riders are going to tank the last 3 games and the Eskimos are going to steel that final playoff spot in the west right out from under them.

Then it will be last season all over again with the Eskimos knocking off the Stamps and Lions and me having to watch them win the GC in my own back yard with Danny dancing over my grave.

Somebody tell me it isnt going to happen.

Well, that might not necessarily happen as the Schmoes "tragic number" is currently sitting at 2. This means any combination of Schmoe loses and Rider wins (or Bomber wins, in the crossover situation) totaling 2 will result in the end of "the streak."

Edmonton's remaining sked is as follows:

vs. Toronto
at Montréal (Fan Day at Olympic Stadium)
vs. Saskatchewan

So should the Argos pull off a win on Saturday, there's a good chance the Als will drive the final nail into the coffin.

For comparison purposes, here's the remaining skeds for the Riders and the Bombers (listed as Riders/Bombers respectively):

Week 18: vs. Montréal/@ Hamilton
Week 19: @ Toronto/vs. Calgary
Week 20: @ Edmonton/@ B.C.

The CO is extremely slim, unless the Bombers go 0 - 3, inwhich case they dont deserve a playoff spot. However I can see the Esks going 1 - 1 and the Riders 0 - 2, setting the stage for the final meeting of the year between the two, that is just too close for comfort.

Agreed. Especially since the Riders don't really do all that well at Commonwealth to begin with. The Riders sked before the final week isn't going to do them any favours: between the two clubs battling for 1st in the East.

If however, the Riders manage to pull off just one win, the EE would need to win all of their last games in order to make the playoffs.

So that's what I'm rooting for, just ONE Rider win!!

…one Rider win…one Bomber win…and that’s all she wrote…for Huey…dancing Danny …and the rest…see ya next year ee…and rawain’tsogoodnomore… :wink:

The magic number (combo of wins by Wpg/Sask or losses by the Esks) for the Bombers is one, the Riders is two. The difference here is even if the Eskies would tie the Bombers with points at the end of the season, their head to head record or anything else is irrelavant. The Eskies need more points than the Bombers to get in for the crossover. Tie break rules don't apply for the crossover.

With Sask, since the Eskies have the season series already, they would get 3rd if they wound up tied at the end of season.

and one loss by EE, and one win by the 'Riders = end of a streak for the EE.

Riders will beat Monrteal at home tonight and the Esks will loose tomorrow at home against TO.

Then you can all throw a little party giving thanks to the Esks for giving your team a shot at winning a cup.

The way Saskatchewan is playing it is a distinct possibility that the Eskimos could sneak into the play-offs. But I don’t think they will beat either Calgary or BC. THose teams are just too strong right now.

On another note I’ll attend my first Eskimos home game tomorrow against Toronto. It’ll be interesting to watch two teams I don’t cheer for play live.

See you there!

Beleive me, even if the EE made it in, they'd be demolished in the semi-final by, Cup-wise, it really makes no difference if the EE or the 'Riders make it into 3rd.

...if that's the case a lot of thanx have to be imparted to my Bombers over the last few years...yup.... yessir! can catch-up and start thanking us now...... :lol: :lol:

Your choices are:
cheer for the refs,
cheer for injuries,
cheer for the Argos and take a shower as soon as you get home!
If you are a true Rider fan, you cannot cheer for Edmonton, regardless of any play-off implications, ie., even were the 'Smos out, they still suck!!

I'll go wearing my Riders sweater and I'm not cheering for the Eskimos.

"Go refs, Go!!"

You must be a jinx for the Eskimos roughy, lets hope you live there for another 25 years.... :lol:

I hope I'm a jinx. When I decided to move here I thought maybe I could watch a home play-off game but the Esks not making the play-offs would be much much sweeter.