Eskimos = Woeful,Ronnie -Coach of the Year

Eskimos are a sorry lot!!! Wow. Cannot even beat the Ti-Cats intwo tries. What a sad spectacle.
Ronnie Lancaster deserves consideration for Coach of the Year. Re-vamped the Offence and shredded the Esks.
Goodbye, Esks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lumsden really helps the Ti-Cats!!!!!

Frito Ray looked shaky at times in both games!

Big Dave was the guy with the 3 foot smile sitting in the stands!!! Hope you enjoyed the upset Big Guy!!!

Congrats to the Cats, on sweeping the series with the Eskimos. Edmonton has lost 5 of last 6 games, they need to win at least 3 of their next five to have any hope of crossing over, and the Bombers need to lose their remaining games. Eskimos still have a shot, but it is a very slim one at best. Esks do not have an easy schedule either, making it even more difficult. I am still not counting them out however, they will be a surly bunch next week.

I'm in edmonton right now for a cousins wedding and went to the game tonight. First game at CW since i moved to Toronto in '99 and yes, Ray looked horrible. overthrew everyone. Granted there has always been something to cheer about with the Esks, but I have NEVER seen an esks crowd that heckling, and the source of their frustration? you guessed it, Danny M of course! I was in section I row 19 and there were chants of fire Macciocia all night, along with mock cheers and jeers every time we got a first down, what a surreal sight my first game there in 6 years!

I went to alot of games at CW from '83 to '99 before I moved out east, so it's not like I havent seen a few tough times, but this is just getting comical. Two losses to hamilton? watch the next game hamilton plays they will get blown out again 50-3 or something silly like they have been the whole while up until the two easy wins against the 'Grey Cup Champs' LOL hey whattaya gonna do?

gotta love the black and gold cats all the more... I think that 34 year playoff streak is over... BUT the fat lady hasn't sung yet... this is the CFL!

The magic number to prevent a crossover is 3
Any combination of bomber wins and EE loses totaling 3 and there is no crossover.

The number for EE to be out of the playoffs is 4 Any combo of SSK wins and EE loses totaling 4 will end their playoff hopes