Eskimos win vs Bombers yet only get 30,700 fans?

Now this is not right and Edmonton fans should be ashamed. Two top teams in the CFL and playing for a huge win and all they could get were 30,700. Now what the heck?

now if they were 4-11 like the Riders I can excuse this, but at 9-6 and you can barely fill half the stadium? Heck they got more for the lowly Riders last week. I was honestly expecting 40,000 for this huge game!

I know there was a hockey game that night but it was at 8pm and it shouldn't have interfered with people deciding to go.

I dunno..??

Edmonton has gone about 8 straight weeks 30 to 40 plus people, if anything they have had a great response from Esks and BB fans, I am not ashamed by the attendance figure, compared to some teams they have had a great turnout from the gate. I look at it glass half full

Good job Edmonton

Once again, when the rest of the league can match Edmonton's standards, it may be an issue. But I have a hard time taking away from a team that has lead the league in attendance for ages.

ya but this game easily should have got 40,000. MINIMUM!

to Edmonton, this is a let down. any other city in the CFL, this is a great crowd! but considering that Edmonton can get 40,000 for games without even trying. this is bad.

that's the whole point.

I was surprised as well, fantastic weather and against a good team. Maybe the weather was toooooo nice.

Ok. I agree I expected Edmonton to draw more than 30000. I'm not sure why they didn't.

don't forget that the Esks have played 3 out of the last 4 games at home which is quite financially taxing for the average fan.
I don't know about you, but I get paid every second week, thus making it difficult to make back to back games, or 3 out of 4.

The two previous games sold 40,274 and 38,054 tickets respectively. Great numbers.

And by the end of the year, Edmonton will again, and as per usual, have the highest average of all CFL teams.
Wish my team had their numbers.

The Oilers were also playing, and it was a national broadcast. I'm sure 10k of those fans would have been at the football game.

But they weren't on at the same time

So to be clear, Montreal drawing 25000 is good but Edmonton pulling 30000 is not?

This is quite the measuring scheme.

I never said they started at the same time but the football game finished the same time as the hockey game started so unless you have a tele porter you probably would have missed at least a period of hockey.
Nice try cflsthebest.

I wouldn’t worry about Edmonton, 30 000 is better than Hamilton,Toronto and Montreal.

I guess some of you can't grasp the concept. For Calgary, Saskatchewan, BC, Winnipeg, Montreal! Etc etc. a crowd of 30,000 is fantastic.

That's because that's what they hold! But Edmonton who in years past would get 40,000 or 45,000 on average and even get above 50,000 for some teams like Calgary, Sask... suddenly draw 30,000?? To you this may be fantastic! But for me because I am from Edmonton and grew up going to games with crowds that averaged 40-45,000 or more. That number is low and is disappointing.

So Edmonton can’t sell out both a football game and a hockey game? Only 40,000 sports fan in a city of 1M+ ?? Sounds like Quebec. :lol:

not including Playoff or Grey Cup games,

the Eskimos have only sold out Commonwealth Stadium once in a long time.

they had 62,000+ for a Riders game I believe in 2007 (might be wrong)

but so many of those were Rider fans… so it’s got a * beside it hehehe.

If I remember back when the Stamps had Flutie/Garcia… they had 60,000 for a game.

but they basically don’t sell out.

and once the new seats come in next year, they’ll have less to sell.

I know that when Commonwealth first came into existence it only held like 48,000 before they added the upper level extensions and the seats in end zone.

they were selling out game after game, very difficult to buy tickets back then.

Why should you care. Your a Rider fan maybe you should be more concerned as to why the Riders failed to make the playoffs this year .

...30,700 > 30,000....?...

Edmonton is jealous of BC's new digs. :wink:

But really, it's a huge stadium and doesn't create demand for tickets unfortunately. But what does Edmonton do about that, not much, it's not like they can remove 20,000 seats from upper bowl. And with all the money going towards a new hockey facility, I don't see Commonwealth getting a total refurb like BC Place.

The old days are gone I'm afraid.

Maybe we should be more concerned with the Lions . newly refurbished stadium and they can only get 35k for a game for first in the west. really they have twice the population of Edmonton that's the real concern.

Actually it was 30,622 not 35,000. While I expected more, the club had played at home only 6 nights earlier to over 50,000 fans and faced a PR disaster with the exceptionally long line-ups. Sadly, that was the talk all week, not the beautiful new digs.

More importantly, and I keep stressing this, the Lions are pricing themselves out of the market. The Canucks can do it and get away with it (their inventory is much smaller and they seem to weave a magical spell on the masses). The Lions can't.

BC Lions have the highest low-end price in the league. $35 to sit in the end zone. $45 to sit in the corner end zone! AYFKM? Please tell me how you're going to lure the casual fan that way? The curiosity seekers bought into it the week before, but you're not going to do it it 2 weeks in a row with those prices, regardless of who's in town or what's on the line.