Eskimos Win First - LOL

Good job Eskimos enjoy your 3 weeks off.

My Stamps and I have you right where we want you. :thup:

How about some Western hospitality and we bring Quick Six and Karen Drake to the West Final to run up and down the sidelines.? :lol:

They (and you) will be cheering for the BC Lions at the western final..... :rockin:

I honestly think the Lions will be tougher for Edmonton to beat than Calgary... It just seems we have had trouble against them this season more so than Calgary. Our only loss to Calgary came when we didn't have Mike Reilly (who eventually came in) who had a potential game winning TD pass dropped by Devon Bailey (haven't forgiven him yet). Our defense, if we get Grymes back, can shut down Mitchell, however Jennings seems to get clicking sometimes against us and has forced close games.

All in all, the West is all but won for Edmonton, even though they are the best so far. It'll be an interesting next 2 weeks to see who plays us.

Hopefully we have up tempo practices a few times a week to keep our edge... Coming out flat will kill us more than the Stamps or Lions being a threat.

It will be a well deserved break for the Esks . Great time to heal all those little nagging injuries. Grymes and Sherrit will bennifit the most.

All fun aside, I am not discounting the Lions.

Stamps must not look past them.

With all due respect to the Esks , ( I do not like them but I respect them ) I do not believe any team in the CFL can beat the Stamps 3 in a row.

Time will tell.

Problem with the Stamps is the O-line that hasn't been fixed yet . Let's see how many players get back and how many players are lost in the next couple of weeks.
The Esks look to be the team to beat right now . Reilly looks to be over the knee injury and rounding into mid season form and has a lot of weapons on O . The D looks to be ok.