Live on TSN

Go Tiger cats!

live on for those of us in under the blackout.

cant watch it on tv, but i can dumb.

boring game so far tho

If neither team scores a TD this quarter, I’m changing the channel to something more interesting. I think I saw a fence painting competition on the Score…

Brutal game thus far.

certainly a defensive game... with Hamilton having no offense and Ray's recievers missing alot of the good catches they normally get.

Hey Kristjan, did we release Anderson? I haven't seen him the last couple weeks.

Personally, it doesn't matter much to me. Harris and McCarty seem to be doing just fine. I'm just curious.

I'm guessing he was put on the next bus out of town, but I haven't checked the Esks depth chart in a while.

Our recievers sure aren't trying very hard tonight, but as a fan, i'll take any lead they have. We actually have twice as many rushing yards as a team which has Jesse Lumsden on it. Thats gotta be a positive on offence at least.

Maybe he is on the IR list of the riders. Kidding why the heck could the receivers play like this against the Stamps.

Right. It's all because Esk's receiver are "not themselves". Our Cats offense is pathetic, but give the D their credit. They are making plays today. I like that, but I'm not happy with the game. I think I may need to start shining my 1997 paper bag.

cmon not_a_bengal, its only a 3 point game. No need for the paper bag like the bomber fans were wearing at the start of last night.

Printers is hurt!!! Hamilton’s chamces just increased dramaticly!!!

What a lame contest of offensive mediocrity. I'm glad there's a double-header tonight.

Somebody wake me up when this is over I am going to either watch grass grow or chat with my favorite rider fan.

Perfect. I turn away from the game for a few minutes and Tucker gets knocked out. :? Impressive that he was able to get on top of the ball, though.

Back to back nasty injuries for Edmonton...

Be better for the Esks to forfeit now and save their players for next week, if Hamilton wants to hit that hard.

i hope tucker is thoughts are with him.

How the heck did Tucker get back on that ball? My prayers are with him. Hopefully it wasn't as bad as it looked.

Now thats the Esk passing attack in action. That one was for #83.

We definitely need to hang on to Kelly!