This will be a shootout.


Looking forward to listening on the radio because it's the only way I can get the game :frowning:

riders are wearing diff pants with thier home jerseys this year...they wearing the pants they usually wear with thier retro unis.

looks like the riders are doing this in an effort to confuse the

Looks like Ray is tearing through the Riders. :smiley:

Go eskimos!

Go Riders

Alright 3 points

As good as Ray is looking right now, it's not looking like the O-Line is any better. Couple times I saw he had to side-step or scramble.

Alright, only 3 points

Yes your right but Ray has that quick release they need to get the ground game going to remove some of the pressure.

that was the longest sustained drive of the entire season.... Seven minutes.....
Gotta throw it down score TDs in the's 3 downs after all.
Kudos to both teams for playing penalty free football so far.....9 minutes in all ready.

Eskies look real good!

Alright 6 pts

DJ Flick.
why did hamilton let u go????

right. one catch, one td run, truly he God

Still no penalties.....can they go an entire quarter with no penalties?.....hope I didn't jink it.

Nice start to this game.
Might we see one team put up 30+ points?
Hope so!

True, but I don't like seeing it. I don't want another injury. :?

apparently someone slept thu the '07 season :cowboy:

One can only hope....
As for these being the bottom dwellers of the West..... if they both can continue this penalty free football (or close to) for the entire season.....they will be 1-2