Eskimos vs RedBlacks

Wondering how much the Redblacks lose by tonight? Not the same team without Burris, looks like a team on the where to nowhere despite them losing so many games by a very small margin.

Bob Young is probably saying why didn't we keep Henry Burris?

Looks like the redblacks are missing Burris big time this year .

Does look like a lack of leadership there but who knows. Something is missing that's for sure.

More points for the Eskies, RBs need to get some points before the half or it's toast for them once again.

Nice job RBs, ok now we have a game!

Ok, that one was penalty on that kick return, they had to throw a flag on that one I'd say...

Some times you have to move forward and develop the now players,

Great great move to move forward. No Burris is positive for sure.
Thanks Rick for bold correct move. Nicely done!!!

Dag, The ORBs are gonna have to sweep five games vs Montreal and Hamilton, in order to have a prayer of getting back to the Playoffs.

Well, yup, it's going to be tough for them now. That Maher shank punt was the key I'd say in this one. You just can't make mistakes like that agains't Reilly and the Eskies and expect to win a close one.

Harris and the ottawa offence had several opportunities to score another TD to at least take the game to OT but failed to do much of anything in the final 1.5 quarters. Maybe those comments I have seen calling Harris the new Kevin Glenn are true. Puts up reasonably good stats but fails to score points and win games when the chips are down.


Ellingson and Sinopoli are Harris' only real weapons.
No more Jackson and Williams.
Makes them easier to defend against.

Their Defense is truly terrible. They never tackle on first contact. Eskimos ran through tackles all night.

Probably need to win 6 or 7 of their last 10 games to nab 2nd in east - home playoff game vs. Winnipeg (80% chance) or Sask. (20% chance). . . . . . else they run the risk of going 1st to worst (unbelievable in a way). They have to hope Toronto starts sinking into Lake Ontario without Ricky Ray - and the Ticats don't catch fire. If the Ticats upend the mercurial bombers this weekend - all bets are off - the Ticats will start winning, the bombers will start losing and the whole league will be a head-shaker down the stretch!

Patrick Lavoie kind of calling out Rick Campbell for players not working hard enough in practice.

" Peut-être qu’on ne travaille pas assez fort aux entraînements " - Pat Lavoie concernant la série de défaite des @REDBLACKS @1047_FM #LCF

Still do not see that the Bombers are a very good football team, eh Lyle ?
The one thing going for the RedBlacks, is the rest of the East is also failing.
Not sure what is happening with Ray, but until he gets back , I will suggest the Als are the best team in the East. However by default.

Have to agree with that assessment of the Als in the East brihind. It is what it is. Without a healthy Ray, the Argos are a complete unknown.

Henry Burris needs to be more diplomatic and tactful of his former mates.

A better wording would be :

"They are close , but just have not gelled yet"

It amazes me as how often people say the wrong thing then play the context card.