Eskimos vs Redblacks

Well we play this undefeated Redblacks squad two weeks in a row.

To me, the biggest things to look at to see who will win these 2 games is our DB's against their WR's and our Guards against their D-line. If this is the same Eskimo squad that came out to play in Week 1, i'll lose my mind.

To be incredibly honest, I don't really like Nichols anymore, that doesn't mean I don't think he can win games (he hasn't really proved that yet... 1 career win, one in which he had very little to do with the W last year). I'm hoping these 2 weeks have been beneficial for him and he's ready to remove my doubts. If he loses to Ottawa both games, I say put in Franklin, he looked fantastic in the preseason.


Well Eskimosrock your post certainly was prophetic about the defensive backs and the offensive line, and then the entire team ended up playing well but for all those penalties and the turnovers including that slow-motion pick-6/8. And usually a team loses games for those reasons combined right?

But Ottawa had all sorts of issues tonight too despite our fine play.

I was just not optimistic at all including with my wrong pick in the VGCC, and wow! (For the first game I was just not optimistic either and picked Toronto, then I changed by pick due to Fort McMurray, and doof! :roll: )

And Nichols finally shows up too for his first win from what I read on the game thread. I never thought much of him either, and I did not know that he was winless as a starter. Maybe Franklin's potential has pushed him?

We have to wonder even more now about the potential of these players, who are relatively new to the CFL and with Dawson a rookie, given their superb play tonight but for the penalties:

Lacey (someone has to sit down with him and tell him to cool him down though)
McCoil (ditto as for Lacey)

Well thank you. I had a feeling picking Edmonton in Fantasy was a good choice (Probably won't ever pick against them anyways). I was shocked that 60% of people picked Ottawa though... It's quite shortsighted to write off Edmonton even with all that has happened. They are still the second best team in the league right now, behind Calgary (kind of... Could switch them with Hamilton).

Well it’s Game 2 in the Eskimos vs Redblacks Series…

Last week the Esks completely dominated in every facet of the game.

The key to another victory I think is to get to Henry Burris often to make him panic like he did last week and force the errant passes to bring up 2nd and long situations. The secondary was stout last week and was a far cry from the Eskimos week 1 game against Toronto, I look for them to allow our line to get a coverage sack or two.

As for offense Nichols was pretty good, not phenomenal, but if our defense shows up again and plays like this week in and week out, Nichols wont have to be the latter, although I am hoping for improvement on some of his throws and decision making. Last week restored my faith in him which was rocky to start. I’m not sure if Greg Wojt is back in the lineup, but I definitely am hoping so after his concussion last week, our O-line needs to help our running game and give Nichols time.

Special teams was great last week, I expect the same tonight.

Eskimosrock you that turned out to be a solid and prophetic review.

We won with defence and a great running game to keep us in it, and then finally Ottawa's defence broke down.

But Nichols ...uggghhh ...we are in trouble at QB. :?

But I'm happy we have swept the Redblacks. I had predicted and away-and-away split. :slight_smile:

Nichols made me cringe way too much to trust him like I did before last nights game. It was a terrible outing for him regardless of the rain. Shakir Bell saved our drives and our running game was solid most of the game. The defense did all they could and was fantastic minus that one drive where Ottawa got a major.