Eskimos vs Red Blacks

Not sure about this game, on paper looks like it could be a blow out, but Ottawa has a lot of pride and playing at home, Edmonton been on the road all week, hotel meals and beds could determine this one.

This is a must win for Edmonton if they wanna stay competitive. You can’t lose to a 1-5 team. Plus, it’d put Edmonton at 4-0 on the road. You wanna protect homefield and steal as many on the road as you can.

I wonder how many scripted plays the Red a Blacks will have to start this game?

Dropitis. Shut up, Black. And Edmonton, STAY ONSIDE!

Sure glad he didn't try and run that one out

Wow. On top of having a laughable defence, Ottawa also has a mediocre kicker. He's kicking at 65%.

You and me both. I literally yelled at my TV, "Take a knee!" :lol:

They way their dropping the ball it must be a humid night in Ottawa

Ya gotta love Black. Talking about a flag being thrown on the sideline and how it's probably gonna be objectionable conduct. Well, it ain't gonna be offside. :lol:

Loving the penalties. :roll:

Some bad habits creeping into the Esks game

Jesus. I think we've hit 100 yards for penalties already. If not, we gotta be close.

CFL refs = Completely Freaking Loony....

And all stupid but warranted

Ouch, bad choice mike.

Edmonton has not shown up for this game.

Not a great decision there by Reilly.

That was not PI. That's a waste of a challenge. Ottawa should be called for delay of game. I know I've said it before, but this rule needs to be junked.

Wasted challenge

That shouldn't be called PI on the challenge, but I can't predict what they're calling anymore.