Eskimos vs Lions

Throw a little luck into that one...

..omg that was outSTANDing athletic effort on Koch's part...unbelievable presence of play

...'Luck' would be evident if he was lying on his back and the ball plopped into his arms...that was pure football instinct..

Seems the officiating is a little one sided this game

well of course it does

Reilly is looking decent for his first CFL start!

I suppose it's home field advantage.

Joseph picked-off..32-19 Lions are in control after FG by McCallum
Joseph: 6-23 -143 yards [1 pick-off] 7 sacks.......TD Lions - now in the lead 39-19 as I type.

Only this game? :wink:

not agreeing that there is any problem with the reffing, but

it must be pretty hard to make sure you make the same number of mistakes for each team 8)

Feel a little sorry for joseph. Got to be his worst game in the cfl, at least statwise. His best days are gone, but he is better than this

That's what happens when you don't have an offensive coordinator. I wouldn't pin this all on Joseph.

If they do they have a short walk upstairs to ask Tillman to recommend a good lawyer.

I expect a Lion assault next week in Calgary :cowboy:

...given the weather here in cowtown next weekend I doubt anything is a given..

fixed it you ya

Nothing wrong with the officiating. Eskimo coaching was the problem today.

Do you recall which section you were sitting in? There was a guy in his 50s (I'm guessing) wearing a Bomber jersey a few rows in front of me. I assume it was you? There couldn't be more than one Bomber fan in the building, and a really young guy wouldn't know Kenny Ploen. :slight_smile:

I hated to see such a poorly coached game from the Eskimo's but not too upset with the outcome. The Eskimo loss helps to insure that they get the cross-over which IMO is a far easier route to the Grey Cup and it is the only chance for the Canadian Dream, an all Alberta Grey Cup!

If Edmonton gets the cross over they should be the favourite to come out of the east. Hamilton is too defensively inept, the Als are to beat up and the Argos are just plain inept in every way. Calgary would have the tougher road, but not impossible. BC has to be the favourite to win it all right now.

The Lions are definitely the best team in the League. Their defence is the best. They have depth-QB,WR and DL- and good Non-imports. Long way to go,yet, but I can't see any other team from the West in the Grey Cup,other than the Lions.-unless a cross-over and 2 teams from West could compete for the Cup.