Eskimos vs Lions

This game features two teams going in opposite directions on the injury front. Edmonton is on the mend while B.C. seems to be on the limp. I don't take much stock in the Lulay injury story but injuries to the receiving corps should result in a little less running room for Harris. Off field distractions may effect the Lions. This game may come down to which offense does the best job of spreading the opponents defense. Prediction, Jerome Messam has a big game for Edmonton in the upset.

I don't think it is going to be a cake walk for the Lions tonight, especially considering how the Lions narrowly won their last meeting. Injuries to the receiving corps? Yep. That is an issue: Simon, Bruce, Iannuzzi.

The Lions still have Moore, E. Jackson, Gore, and Taylor to fall back on. These guys are brilliant. How these guys will perform if Reilly [QB] has to go in may be a different story.

Great Friday surprise. My buddy says, "Hey I have tickets for Lions-Esks tonight. Wanna go?"
What a question ... of course I do!!!
I wonder if I'll be the only guy there wearing Blue and Gold. And no, the Esks aren't going to be first ones to knock off the Lions in the new BC Place. Not tonight they won't. Lulay or no Lulay.

They already did. July 20th. Edmonton 27 - BC 14

With all the Lions injuries this may be the night they are ripe for the pickings .

No Lulay...BC will in tough.

Nice bounch back Riley...

Too bad Lulay loses his streak. His spot on the sidelines is not good news for Toronto and Hamilton.

Lions lead 16-10 FG McCallum at the half....Joseph 4-11 for 104 yards - Lions on the Blitz ..Ect.
Second half any better for the Eskies...Not - Jyles or Nichols..No. Live and let die with Kerry I suppose.

This is when not having an O coordinator really hurts us.

..just tuned in....any Lions been arrested for anything? hate crimes? assault?

The Eskimos offense reminds me of when I played flag football, only difference was ours was a little more creative.

Chappy has em rolling - Lions will go to 12-4

BC is letting EE hang around...time to finish em!

Very impressive running by Joseph!

Not helping that our D was on the field for 14 min that quarter.

This one is far from over....anyone can take this one tonight.

Play of the year...what a catch.

Well the D got a good rest that should pay huge dividends for the last quarter.

Love the look on Joseph’s face as he goes to the sidelines. Amazing effort and concentration.