Eskimos vs Lions

This game will be interesting for a number of reasons not just the results in the win/loss column. There are a number of questions that need to be answered, particularly for the green & gold.

Can the offense somehow muster up some confidence and actually get their heads in the game or will Eskimo fans be subjected to the same disorganization we have witnessed recently?

Can the D line get any pressure on Lulay or will the secondary be stuck trying to do it all again?

Will they ever figure out who the Eskimos kicker is?

What will be the result of the Mitchell/Rottier line battle?

Should be an interesting tilt, Lions will want to show that the Eskimo win in their earlier meeting was a fluke and the Eskimos will be wanting to show they belong.

Very tough to contain Lulay even with pressure, Travis seems to have an option to evade. Grant Shaw should be the kicker - mind you McNight getting his workouts withDales. The line of scrimmage will be important when the Esks have the ball; thus perhaps Boyd will get a good work load on Mitchell's side of the D-Line.

I expect a better showing from EE.

GO Lions!

Tight football game late in the first Quarter -....1-0 Eskies

Just got in. Let's go Esks! :thup:

BC off to their usual slow start in games

Jyles say hello to Mr Bighill!

Holy cow it's turned into a soccer match? I guess I missed some stellar defence? I wonder how MadJack is doing?

Bennett finally does something positive on special teams and Jyles pisses it away because he doesn't know how to throw it away. Thankfully Koch saved Jyles. 8-0.

Jyles to Koch on the next play; 8-0 Edmonton

Didn't they have a 8-0 start last week too?

And not the first time and not the last too!

Ah damnit Edmonton! Yeah just watch Johnson run that beautiful route and make that fine catch why don’t you! :roll: :x

Glad we got pressure for a loss of 9. Looked like Edmonton was gonna let BC answer. 8-3.

Not enough evidence to overturn, unfortunately.

I stand corrected. Didn't think they'd overturn. Works for me. :lol:

It 's safe to say Tillman must be in someone's pocket for that call!

Coehoon was so close. :lol: Oh well. Charles finished it off. 15-3.

Tillman has nothing to do with it; but Charles does....15-3 Eskimos

Okay, there is still a lot of game to go, but unless he screws up royally, I think the argument on Jyles as starter is over.

If we win games, I could care less if Jyles ends up as the QB with the worst stats in the league.