Eskimos vs Lions

Another interesting game in the West Div. later in Vancouver. Go Eskies :slight_smile:

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Just noticed my mistake in the title of the thread; Edmonto = Ed. - Mon. - TO …Strange - maybe a Mod can correct it.

So far there is 8 posters who picked the EE to win tonight; thus waiting for # 9 :slight_smile:

Sorry. Picked BC. But would be happy to take the loss in the VGCC to see the Esks beat the Lions. Does that count? need to thank me... :twisted:

Let the Show Begin [I've] Been Ready ; music/lyrics by Alice Cooper.....Red&White is :rockin:
Ready as this Audience.....
That's coming here to Dream....
Loving every Second...
Every Movement..
Every Scream.

...time for poking fun is at an end, I couldn't resist...

Anyone else find Climie a bit annoying as the moderator? I can't wait for Randorf to return. Where is he?

Olympics, I believe.

Ok, Randorf rules but Jock is doing ok in a learning on the job type role.

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Online link and actual TSN feed as well!

Wow the Friday Night football theme sucks, but it's better than last year's new college band version.

They tried to just copy what NBC did down here in the US with that stupid Faith Hill theme for Sunday Night.

Who knows if that's really even the singer?

Damn. Now who am I gonna get drunk with? :smiley:

Yeah, and who else wants Dunigan to kick his butt too?

LOL - looks like you need a new drunk Twitter buddy! I'm not a Twitter twit, so that leaves me out...

Maybe I'll see what Dunigan's up to...

Anyone know why TSN would be blacked out in Edmonton?

...maybe try TSN2?

That '80s-themed Mr. Lube commercial is hilarious! I am watching the same TSN feed as all in Canada tonight, so it's the first time I have seen it.

It seems to be blacked out here in Prince George, BC. I am not happy about this at all.