Eskimos vs Bombers

Let's hope it's a clean hard hitting game with good officiating . Good luck everybody :thup:

Bucknor gets burned on first play, and Dunn can’t wrap up reilly. Lucky to get out of that drive 0-0

Odell Willis of all people with the pick six. Shoot.

Touchdown!!!! I can't believe they would call that object able conduct, have we become the NFL.

Bombers seem nervous

But Reilly's running would make me nervous if I was an Esk fan. Yikes, he's getting a lot of hits early.

Lot of pressure on the QB's, I think I'd rather run for it then sit back in the pocket and get drilled

I might rather see my franchise player slide and lose a few yards, than maybe expose himself to a knockout shot. That's a tough D he's running into.

Defensive battle so far. 1 pick for each QB already.

Two great defences going all out. . . man I am enjoying this game.

Whoever gets their running game going first is going to be hard to beat in this game.

At 6"4 235lbs he might hurt a few people while doing it

Shades of Matt Dunnigan

Bone head move by Washington.

This is as bad as the Brink game a few years ago. Offence is terrible, and D can't tackle

This is getting monotonous. They've completely let Reilly off the chain.

lol... Reilly is single handily dismantling the Bummers!

We'll see. He's still getting hit … a lot.

Compared to last year, this is a walk in the park

And looking good... and happy doing it...