Eskimos VS Bombers

Honestly, i think the Eskimos will run away with this game, i dont see any threat from the Bombers, if the Defence plays as well as it did in the Preseason and Ray can get in a groove with his Receivers, itll be a run away victory.

But above all this, i cant wait to see how our running game will turn out, as long as Lumsden can stay healthy, and the linemen are consistently making holes in the line for him to run through, theyll run away with most games...

The Eskimos this year are starting to look like the 2003 Esks. (When they actually were a powerhouse)
However, looks can be decieving, we'll just have to wait till about week 10 or so and see how their record reflects them as a team.
But so far im seeing a lot of Posistive things with this refined Eskimo team.


If the Running game can stay healthy then we will have a great season , if their are a lot of injuries then the Defence is going to have to play alot and I see a lot of Question marks, but I will stay positive for now . I just wish Ray would have looked sharper this pre-season . Go Esks :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

I also believe we will win this game. Ray was only Rusty at the beginning of last game but just before he was relieved he was back to form. RR will not be an issue and I think that with a one two of Lumsden and McCarty plus the natural turf at CW Lumsden might play 12-14 games this season.

Eskimos are definitely the favourite but keep in mind that Kelly probably knows the offence you are going to run, the Bombers probably have the best receiving corps and a good running game and a pretty good d line and L-backers. While they may be bombed and that would be the safe bet they may also surprise. A lot of it will probably hinge on whether Lefors can manage the game and not throw interceptions and turn the ball over. If he is safe and tries not to do too much this may be a very competitive game.

Lefors is the weakest link.Eskimos100%