Eskimos vs Bomber

They got the penalties under control. Now they just need to work on the fumbles. :roll:

Someone buy McCoil a beer after the game. He earned it on that fumble recovery for a TD.

LOL @ Willis. "Rookie of the year!"

nothing goods happening for the Bombers.. lol
I kind of feel bad for them now

Surprised Cotton got back up after that block

Nice to see #13 walk off the field. :thup:

28-0. That’s what I like to see! :smiley:

Couple offensive TDs, a defensive TD, and now a safety. Edmonton's on fire tonight!

cmon cuh
why you gotta take Fred's TD away from him like that

If only we could play like this against Calgary. 37-0 at the half.

I disagree with Schultz. Instead of going with the safe pick (Ricky Ray), why not watch the game and think outside of the box. There are plenty of players that are worthy of the MOP. Sadly, it probably will go to Ray because god forbid you give the award to a defensive player.

I love Chris Jones' attitude of playing for 60 minutes even if you are up 37-0, but I'm not sure about that challenge.

And he just lost.

I wasn't sure if they just used that rather than burning through a timeout

Those Pat White run plays are getting a little old

Possible. I know I wouldn't have challenged it.


Man, I don't want the defence to settle down just because we're up 40-0. You develop a killer instinct by playing for 60 minutes.

Hey Warren a Moon in the house!!!

That was a beauty of a pick. Young: "I'll take that, thank you." :lol:

Loved his answer about which Grey Cup was his favourite. :lol: And I couldn't agree more, the NFL needs to adopt some of the CFL's rules, starting with special teams. ST is so useless in the NFL.