Eskimos vs Bomber

Unfortunately this will not even be close. The only victory for the Bombers will be if Willy is not carried off on a stretcher. The Red Blacks man handled these guys so this is going to be a bad beat down for the Blue. Should be the game that tells management it's time to focus on next year. Will likely be switching channels before the 1st quarter ends.

The Bombers have had their issues, but I'm not taking them lightly. Eskimos need to strike fast like last time.

Never take anything for granted. If the Eskimos take the Bombers too lightly, they will pay. Fortunately for Eskimos, they will still be hurting from last weeks game and anxious to prove that they are a team on the rise.

I look for the Eskimos to win but not a run away like some are suggesting.

sask losing today will help.....the eskimoes :slight_smile:

I believe if my math is correct, a win clinches a playoff spot for the Eskimos. A win gives them 20 points and the most 3rd place in the east can have is 18, so the Esk's are at least guaranteed a crossover with a win.

I’d say go Bombers go!

But why get my hopes up. :cry:

why worry, it only takes one win to lock up first place and no reason why cal shouldn't win all 4.

Yeah. Calgary has 1st locked up. Edmonton controls its own destiny with two games against Sask. They win both and 2nd is locked up. After that, Sask and BC fight for 3rd.

Is there only one player showing up for Winnipeg today, or have they changed their name?

After losing 5 straight, they decided to send one guy to hand Edmonton the two points.

(Watch me jinx the Esks. LOL)

Go Lacey. Now that is how you take a guy down. But I gotta be honest, that Edmonton uniform looks like crap.

First passing play of the game, backfield pressure and sack immediately with only a 3 man rush by Edmonton. God our O-line is terrible. This is what they did all last game, got instant pressure with only 3 on the line and dropped 9 back into coverage so that basically Bomber receiver is double covered.

Reilly is such a gutsy QB. And the O-line totally ran over Winnipeg with the Pat White TD. Good start. :thup:

I wanna see White run for 100+ today!!


Don’t wanna see Reilly take anymore of those head shots.

What is the ruling on head shots on QB when they leave the pocket.

Would've been a sure TD for Bowman if Reilly hadn't over thrown him by 50 yards. Come on, Reilly. At least we get 3 off the turnover. 10-0.

-1 total yards. Ouch!

Why again is Nic Grigsby not even on the active roster today? I don't think he was the problem with the Bomber offence