Live from the Rogers Centre on TSN...

A great first play, but the Argo defence brought pressure. At least we're starting out using Harris as well.

Needs to learn to cradle the ball better when crashing into a pile of Argos....

Another putrid performance from the Argos.

We're knocking, gotta punch it in.

Where is my buddy Chief? He should be blogging here too.

How does the entire d-line miss the fullback who has the football so completely? D is letting the O down now.

Whats the score?

20-8 Edmonton, after we gave up the single.

Finally, Fred Perry steps up!

Lets go Esks!

Big Ticats fan here but also really dig the Eskies!

Wow Edmonton coming on strong.

Defence letting us down again....

A 22 yarder should be a gimme...

I can't remember the last time I saw someone miss from that close.

SHOULD be a gimmie - lol.

At least you don't have Jamie Boreham kicking for you! When he was with the Ticats I remember him missing a 17 yarder. He was terrible. We lost at LEAST 3 games directly because of his missed kicks and possibly more because we were forced to punt or go for it on 3rd down because he was so inconsistant.

WORST KICKER IN THE LEAGUE. his punting has improved though.

We gotta make some defensive adjustments at half-time, to guard against Joseph calling his own number and fire up our defence to not give up those big plays.

Lucky break for the argos or this would have been almost out of hand. I wouldn't be surprised to see a second half blow-out in favour of the Eskies.
Keep us in second place Ricki!

wow, risky 3rd down call this early.

I like the gamble even though we don’t make it. Eskimos don’t show enough daring in most 3rd quarters.