Eskimos versus ?

Please help me become more acquainted with your Eskimos by describing their greatest rivalry. I'd like to find a way to identify with a particular team and this is one way to get a sense of the intensity of play and how their approach to this match-up differs from any other.

That would be the Calgary Stampeders. The Labour Day Classic is the game to see!! They are both in the province of Alberta, and only a three hour drive between the two cities.

I think the Riders would be a close second.

In my view it's not even close, the battle of Alberta says it all. Many people talk about the Labour day classic but for me the following week is the game of the season. Every year it is the most attended regular season game in the entire league.

Labour Day is a spectacle to see first hand. Especially a few years ago when the Stamps had fewer season ticket holders so there were entire sections of Green and Gold. These days it still is a great game but not the 60-40 split in the stands like before.

...yup, a long and storied rivalry between the esks and the stamps....and Chief is right too that the riders are not far behind for either of our teams as guys beat us last year, a proverbial floor-wiper, ug, I even took an EE fan with me, the only good thing is that after that game the horseys went on a tear right to the end...

...question though, I can't recall why Calgary always get the LCD on the long weekend and Edmonton the rematch?...anyone recall why? used to flip back and forth a long time ago...

Like others have said, the LDC and the labour day rematch for sure. This year's version should be especially good, seeing as both teams look like they will be very competitive.

What is the history between the two? What kinds of examples could you give to support your claim? How would a novice be able to distinguish the difference between this set of games compared to others?

The rivalry between Edmonton & Calgary extends far beyond their football teams. Calgary is a white collar city, Edmonton is a blue collar city. Calgary is the economic capital of the province, Edmonton is the political capital, which sticks in Calgarians craws. Edmonton defines itself by its sports teams, win or lose, Calgary tends to be less so and is a bit of a bandwagon city. Edmonton is obsessed with winning championships, Calgary is obsessed with beating Edmonton.

...picture says a thousand words, a little sampling of a Eskimo Stampeder matchup...

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Thanks for the clip. It's a stimulating method to initiate a rookie into the sport.

Nice clip, red. I like how after Gass throws the helmet, he points down the field. :lol: :lol: If nothing else, he kept the game exciting. :lol:

The battle of Alberta always has a bit of magic in the air at both stadiums. Both teams bring their A game. If you have never been to a CFL game these are the ones to make a point to catch. A good Saskatchewan game is a treat too, most of the time it's a nail-bitter right to the end. Rider pride runs high and the Esks fans respond appropriately. Just don't bother with a Hamilton or Toronto game and you should be fine. They're usually a little boring.

All he was doing was showing the equipment manager which helmet needed some attention. He saw a problem and dealt with it! :lol: