Eskimos trade Mann for Thompson

You want him released because of the injury ect, ect ................ If the injury didn't happen, then what would be your thoughts? Other side of the coin I bet. Lumsden deserves that chance and I hope he does well, so does his family and the Eskimo team coaches for that matter. :rockin:

Nice try, but he's always injured, and that's the problem. He might not like it, but the guy's injury prone. I see no reason for keeping him around other than his name is Lumsden.

Yes i do want him released, we dont need him anymore, the only reason we signed him is because we didnt know what Whitlock and McCarty could do as a duo... Now that we see that they are an amazing 1-2 punch and that Whitlock is our future starting RB, we REALLY dont need some injury prone overhyped RB who takes up cap room where we could use to upgrade our Defense. And you know what? If Lumsden didnt get injured, Arkee Whitlock would have never surfaced and we wouldnt know what potential, so its irrelevent to say "what if lumsden didnt screw himself 8 minutes into the 1st game" the fact is its happened, and lumsden should get his walking papers and potentially never play football again

Well Mr.Chief and Eskimosrock; Edmonton does have a one two punch in Whitlock and McCarty and glad for the 2009 team effort. The Lumsden situation will be settled at the end of training camp.

I guess your right sir, i just hope he gets cut, for the better of the team. Even if we keep him i dont see him starting over Whitlock, i guess we'll see though

I am not so sure of that if Lumsden is healthy he would be the dominating impossible to bring down Bull Back we have not had since Blake Marshall. I agree that Lumsden has his injury problems but the 50k we pay him without incentives does not hurt the team.

But it hurts the team. I don't think Whitlock should be made the back-up, and McCarty forgotten about altogether just because Lumsden wants to give it another go.

I agree with Cheif, Whitlock should be the undisputed starter for this upcoming season, and McCarty at the number 2 spot, let Lumsden go.. Can he even play anymore? I didnt even see him perform last year with the Esks.. I say just cut him and fill the number 3 spot with some cheap rookie outta the draft

Right on Eskimosrock and Chief and I can't understand why with Whitlock's performance and skills, which are NFL-calibre right now as well as are Mallett's as we learned but shhhhhhhh, is even in discussion as the top back for our Eskimos. I say he's the best in the league for that matter. :cowboy:

It must be a really slow offseason for now? :roll: