Eskimos trade Mann for Thompson

An interesting trade. I believe someone here called it after we traded for Talbot and Smith. It sucks to see Mann go; he was pretty decent. But after the trade with Toronto, we had far more receivers than we needed. I wish him luck in Hamilton.

And it sounds like we got a solid player in return in Chris Thompson.

You know, I was a little ticked that DM didn't even offer Parker a contract, but apparently he had other plans. I imagine this is a much cheaper alternative. I hate to say it, but has DM finally wrapped his head around the GM position? This has been a pretty good off-season for the Eskimos.

The nice thing about Thomson he is young a past allstar and is Canadian. Got to love a ratio breaker who can is a ballhawk.

Sorry, but Thompson was born in New Orleans and is an import:

Dang sorry I was misinformed. :stuck_out_tongue: He is still a good young DB though and would take Parker's spot no problem.

Hey that's okay, we all make mistakes.

By the way, Parker plays corner and Thompson's a halfback. . .

Import/non-import, it's still a nice pick-up for the Esks. And it doesn't matter much that he's not a non-import considering we picked up Talbot and Smith.

According to The Article he can play both positions.

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I don't recall ever seeing him play corner. . . he certainly never did in Hamilton. . . did he play corner for you guys when you had him previously?

Personally I haven't seen it but I am going by this.

Chris is a CFL all-star that can play multiple positions within the secondary,? said Eskimos GM and director of football operations Danny Maciocia. “He has proven to be one of the better defensive backs in the CFL and we are excited to see what he brings to our team.?

Read more: ... z0fkBXKhLP

But of Course DM thought Kean could punt as well.

Solid off season for esks…be nice to see some toughness added to DL and OL as well for that matter…but they should be good this year…i like them to win the west this year…
and I live no where near Big E…

there not offering Byron Parker an extension? Idk if i like that, he did us good for the short amount of time her played for us, i thought we actually needed him, i do like the Chris Tompson trade though... id still like to see Parker back... :expressionless:

but has DM finally wrapped his head around the GM position? This has been a pretty good off-season for the Eskimos ?????????? wtf cheif?? get off the meds dude!!! danny's entire agenda is to sink the esks........ letting mann & parker go??? wtf??? then signing this guy they let go once already??? omg the danny demolotion machine is at it again........ danny wont be happy till the EE are the(former) ti - cats of the western division........ they signed mann through to 2011 in 2009 then traded him anyway ?? second on the esks in receiving........omfg someone buy danny a bus ticket back to frogtown......hmmmmm seems parker & mann were tops in trash talk.....maybe esks are tired of listening to them?? who knows......talbot is pretty old to be signing now....why do we keep
picking up everyone elses' trash............i thought this team needed to rebuild,ya cant do thet with players that only have a year or 2 left....... Dm has to go the EE will never be sucessful as long as he remains here .... then again he has cheif fooled so maybe he's fooled everyone else too.....
sheeshhhhhhh .......... :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: ..too bad i had high hopes for the EE this year :frowning:

good off season for the esks???????? if y' all beleive that you prob beleive kelly campbell 's coming back to the EE wake up girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i guess when yer 18 to 28 you dont yet understand football.....

The Esks DO NOT need to rebuild. We've been rebuilding every off-season for the last three years.

Honestly, I'm thinking DM could sign Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne, and Chris Johnson of the Titans, and you'd still criticise him. This off-season has been good. We got some Canadian depth at LB, we got a veteran receiver in Talbot, as well as a young up-and-comer in Smith, and they're both Canadian, and we got a solid DB in Thompson. Sure, we had to give up Mann, but you know what, we've still got Peterson and Stamps, and Campbell still belongs to the Esks. And we've still got a whole whack of other receivers backing these guys up... Rector, Nowacki, etc.

this was a great trade for you guys IMO.. Thompson will be a cheaper better alternative to malbrough or malveaux in your secondary... plus you guys are also still busting at the seems at reciever

Talbot, peterson and your league leader in Fred Stamps will be a solid nucleus at reciever, plus you guys still have some good young ones

now all you guys have to do is trade campbell to the bombers :cowboy:

Thompson signed an extension after an all-star year in Hamilton two years ago. There is no way Malveaux was making more than him.

well it looks like the released Malveux... im telling you, there reshaping their DB's yet again.. im guna say the DBs this year are guna play as bad as last year... parker and malveux.. one of em should have stayed (parker in my mind) for verteran support and to keep (around) the same guys that played last year for chemistry...
Bradley Robinson too... WHY did they release him? he played pheunominal when he was called to replace an injured Db... idk, its been a good offseason for the esks MINUS the DB tossing

R U talking about Javy Glatt the guy got run over all year with the Lions thats why Wally got rid of him .
We need someone to stop the run and Javy is not it . bad move by DM this year . The D has taken a step backward this year .

I for one, like the trade. Malveux needed to go, not a loss at all. Robinson, umm, some of you seemed to forget his play against Winnipeg when he was finally healthly, he was horrible, hurt the eskimos more than he helped. And Parker, yes, I can see why they didnt re-sign him. All I have to say is Playoff game against Calgary. They threw right at him with much success. He cost the team 2 touchdowns by himself. Eskimos lost by 3 pts.

It has been a good offseason, including the DB tossing. Questions: Is Cambell going to be in camp with the Eskimos?
Jesse Lumsden over Whitlock? Malbrough at corner? :rockin:

If theres one person i want released its Lumsden... We dont need him Whitlock is better than him, and we have McCarty.. Lumsden is just money wasted.. ill put 100 bucks on him getting injured again early in the season :cowboy: