Eskimos to get a new logo for the '08 season

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Q: What are the Eskimos plans to celebrate the 60th anniversary season?

A: “We have developed a 60th season logo that we will be introducing and likely the players will be wearing it.”

Q: Do you see the players wearing the logo for the whole season?

A: “I think so. It could go on either the jerseys or the helmets.”

good idea, nice to see something new instead of the old EE

well, it could be the old, old EE

I like our current logo. :smiley:

I'm with you. If it aint broke, don't fix it.

I dont think it will change much, or at least I hope not, that would be like the Leafs turfing the Leaf or the Canadiens getting rid the CH on their jerseys.

I do too!

Marty York reports that the new logo will be a player wearing #77 throwing an opponants helmet! :wink:

I like the old logo too. To quote the earlier poster.....If it ain't broke.......

I think this would be a good logog for them!

Except no one was crying... Nice try, 05. At least Sporty's was topical.

Okay I will get real and find one much suiting to the needs of the Eskimos.

It's beautiful!

Nice. Just don't anyone tell Green Bay. :lol:

I do not think you can get a better logo then the one they have.

I was just gonna say
The Green Bay Eskimos

What are they "packing" up there in the tundra ?

It’s the Edmonton Packers! That’s freakin’ hilarious :smiley:

I have no real objection to a revised logo. I just hope they make it one that most people can accept and not go with some Alouette’s-style abortion that’s nearly impossible to figure out on TV.

Is this really what it will be?

i like the old EE but if we are gonna change the symbolwe should just change it to the grey cup..because this is where is coming in 08 BABY!!

In case anyone was wondering, The Esks adopted their colours 2 years before the Packers… :cowboy:

Always loved the EE as it is now, classic. But I hope you don't do what the Blue Jays did, one of their new logos, a stylized J, I can't tell what it is but then maybe that was the point of the new J. Like I say, love the EE as it is now but some sort of minor change to this I suppose I'd be alright with if done right.