Eskimos @ Tiger-Cats: Ticket info

My brother and I were thinking of driving out to the Esk/Cats game on August 8, but the Hamilton website doesn't have any information for individual tickets. I was just curious if anyone here knows when they go on sale. Also, what are the prices? I had a look at the seating chart, but it didn't include proces.

Pricing will be up shortly. If you know 3 more guys or thinking of going to another game, I suggest you purchase a Flex Pack.

Have a great day!

Yeah, I found out last year that buying flex paks through the team is waaaaaaaay better than just buying tickets online.

A lot cheaper. And very uhhhhhh,,,flexible.

Think I'll be snagging a few of these this year.

A quick perusal of the Ti-Cat website netted me this information regarding individual ticket prices (based on box office pricing):

General Admission in the East End Zone: $20
Family Section: $22
Reds: $25
Bronze: $45
Silver: $55
Gold: $70
Platinum: $90

Of course, this doesn't take into account any premium they'll be charging for the Labour Day Game.

The Flex Packs, which net you 5 vouchers to utilize in any fashion for regular season game tickets are priced as follows:

Gen. Admission End Zones: $85
Family Section: $100
Reds: $115
Bronze: $190
Silver: $235
Gold: $315

Individual games don't go on sale usually until late April/early May, but I remember last season those with flex packs got an earlier redemption date than the public on-sale.

What's the difference between individual tickets and the flex pack? Keep in mind I haven't been to a CFL game before. This'll be my first time.

What is a flex pack?

A Flex Pack is the ideal option for fans in need of a flexible ticket package that offers significant savings over individual game prices. The Flex Pack contains five vouchers which can be used in any combination for any of the 2009 regular season games. Perfect for entertaining clients, employees, family or friends, simply redeem your Flex Pack vouchers for the 'best available' seating in your seat category.

Let me know I can help!

That actually sounds pretty interesting. I just have one question. What do you mean by five vouchers? Do you mean five tickets?

You actually get 5 voucher that you than trade in for games. We can do this over the phone or at the store/stadium.

Say there is three of you going to the game on the 8th, you can use three vouchers and than 2 another time. You could use all 5 if you want for the 8th. You can use any combination at anytime.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

That does sound like a good deal. I'll discuss it with my brother it get back to you. Thanks for your help.

No problem.

Keep in mind I haven't been to a CFL game before. This'll be my first time.
Can't be.... can't be.... the legendary CHIEF of the main CFL board hasn't attended any CFL games before????? Tell me that you just meant a Hamilton game.

Hamilton is the best place to start!!! :slight_smile:

The atmosphere is unbeatable.... A great time with great fans.

I know... What can I say? I was supposed to go to the Grey Cup, but I completely drained the bank account for my birthday... :frowning: :oops:

I just spoke with my brother and he sounded interested. He was actually surprised that the tickets were so cheap.

I started looking at some of the flex packs listed on the Ti-Cat site. We want to keep it as cheap as possible because we'll be driving in from London, so we'll have to pay for gas. So we're trying to decide between the endzone seats, which are listed at $85, and the red corner seats, which are listed at $115.

Since neither of us have ever been to Ivor Wynne, we have no idea which section has the better view. So we thought we'd ask the fans. What should we go for?

Here is the seating chart:

The Family zone is also great, but you cannot have any alcoholic beverages in this section.

Seeing as this will be your first CFL game, do yourself a favour and get the reds -- preferably in Section 22.

I'll wave to you from my gold plated recliner in Box I.

^ I was thinking the same thing. I think I'd rather have a side view than a back view. I was actually looking at the stadium on Google maps and it doesn't look like there's a bad seat in the house.

A few other things to consider:

Visiting team normally warms up at the West end (visitors' bench/dugout is in front of Box H). There's a pedestrian path along the back of the West endzone, so during warmup if like you should be able to wander around that way to get a better look if your seats aren't close to that end.

If you are right at the front of section 22, your view might get blocked periodically by people wandering along the aisle that separates the upper and lower levels. One perk of being near the east goal line instead of the west goal line is that when the action is far away at the west goal line, you can look at the videoboard without turning your head away from the action on the field.

The EndZone will tend to have a disproportionate number of people who are more interested in goofing around than watching the game.

There really isn't, I just don't like end zone seating. If he's concerned about not having a good view he can always get seats in the upper part of Section 22, from there he should have a good view of all the action.

I think we've finally decided on the Red seats. We were comtemplating going with the Ednzone seats just because we'd be directly across from the Video Board, but it looks like we'd still have a pretty good view of it from the Red seats. Besides, I'll more than likely be bringing my binoculars. :smiley:

I guess the next step now is to order the flex package. :smiley:

Good stuff!!! Let me know and I will help with the process.