Eskimos/Ticats great 4th qtr - fun game

That was a crazy 4th qtr. Lots of fun and a packed stadium had to be almost 40,000 sure enjoyed seeing their team go 2-0 like that. Lots of work to go for the Eskimos. Serious concerns on offensive play calling and miscues by Bowman/Chambers and OL

But good for them they are tied for 1st.

We should have won this one, we let it get away. Almost pulled it out without our starting qb much of the game. Tough loss.

i think masoli/lefeavor looked better than Collaros.... something is not right with zach in this offense. kent austin is gonna have to start doing some coaching on ZC

What was Hamilton doing? Brutal loss, implosion. Would have been nice to give EE a loss. Kent Austin not the miracle worker so far. Beat he wishes Burris was still there..

Yes, we are not as good of a team without Burris, agree with that but Austin wasn't a Burris fan and Burris is old and not many years left but this year we just are not as good at the qb position as last year I would say. We should have protected Burris I think.

I don't think many are expecting big things from this team in the first 1/3 of the season. Tough loss none the less.

Only 30,000 people. Two crappy football teams playing sloppy, mistake full football. Not exactly fun..

It's a game that showed some glimpses of things to come from Hamilton. Unfortunately a young player making a key mistake in the 4th quarter turned the tides. I think this type of game later in the season Hamilton wins.

Not an overly inspiring win from the Eskimos, but they're 2-0.

only 30,000 people? lol looked like 40,000 probably 10,000 not paid. it was a nice crowd.

good game for them. it was a fun game.

No, it was 30

still the largest crowd of the young season thus far. A win is a win and they are 2-0, and it will likely draw more people out for the next game, which is also at home.

Just like Blue Bombers. The Eskimos won ugly but better to win games they should have lost than the other way around. Eskimos are 2-0 how they got there doesn't really matter.

Glad you enjoyed it. Early in the season, very entertaining. 2-0 is fun!

Good game, Hamilton's defense showed a marked improvement, as did the O.Line although it's still not to the point where it needs to be. QBing is a question, Masoli made a dumb decision of not sliding and got stripped. You coach that out of him it's likely a win and went down to the last play.

The only low light of the game was the fourth uncalled reckless/dirty hit on a Hamilton player in a row. Simoni Lawrence uncalled chop block, and Andy Fantuz, Lindsay Lamar and now Zach Collaros all getting helmet to helmets that should have at least been flags.

If were crappy what does that make the Riders :cowboy:

Yup !!! Absolutely right there “cflisthebest” :roll: Two crappy teams and not exactly fun…I guess we all can’t be as perfect as the “Mighty Unbeatable Invincible” Riders :roll: I bet you must have had a ton of fun watching your Riders get totally hammered by 33 pts on Saturday :stuck_out_tongue: Oh and by the way the Cats didn’t lose that game as much as they basically gift wrapped it with a bow and gave it to the Eskimos on a silver platter,but I have to agree with you watching two crappy teams play a game that’s decided by 4 points isn’t half as fun as watching your team get totally destroyed by a 48-15 final score,gee if as you say that Edmonton and Hamilton are two crappy teams then just where exactly does that leave your so called defending Cup championship team in the mix after your fun filled game in Toronto on Saturday ?? :cowboy: