Eskimos Tailback

Who do guys think is the projected running bck for the first regular season game of 05’. I think Reggie White is in the lead for that position. Do we still have to wait for the two pre season games or do you think we have an undisputed starter?

Watch out for Elvis Joseph. He is a great athlete.

I think we have to wait until we see them play a game.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about White, McClendon, and Joseph.

what about the receivers?

I don’t think anyone’s worried about the receivers as long as Ricky Ray is throwing the ball!

who says its gonna be Ricky Ray?.. Maas could outpreform Ray and keep his job… i would like to see that

Tonight Elvis Joseph and Mike Bradley looked really solid.

Didn’t see much of White.

McClendon was impressive on a few plays and looked like the second-coming of John Avery - until he dropped those two passes. Unless he plays flawless next week, he may be gone.